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  • Preliminary round draw
  • Preliminary and main round draws
  • Palacio Multiusos Guadalajara
  • Andrei Afanasyev (Ugra Yugorsk)
  • Futsal Cup preliminary and main round draws
    First draws made
  • UEFA Futsal Cup draws live on Thursday
    Futsal draws live
  • Record entry for 2016/17 UEFA Futsal Cup
    Record entry confirmed
  • Spain face Iran again in Futsal World Cup draw
    Colombia 2016 draw
  • All-star squad in Futsal EURO tournament review
    Download: Finals review
  • How the UEFA Futsal Cup was won
    How the cup was won
  • Marcênio, Kakà explain Ugra's champion spirit
    Ugra's champion spirit
  • Ugra Yugorsk win UEFA Futsal Cup in thriller
    Ugra win final thriller
  • Benfica beat Pescara on penalties for bronze
    Benfica claim bronze
  • The Ugra Yugorsk lowdown from Ivan Signev
    Signev's Ugra lowdown
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