27 August 2013
Nautara Kaunas0-4Lexmax
First referee: Borislav Kolev (BUL) - Second referee: Petar Mantev (MKD)
Stadium: S.Darius & S.Girenas Sport Center, Kaunas (LTU)
08/28/2013 11:22:00
First referee: Veljko Bošković (MNE) - Second referee: Balázs Farkas (HUN)
Stadium: Cardiff House of Sport II, Cardiff (WAL)
08/28/2013 11:19:45
Ólafsvík8-7Anzhi Tallinn
First referee: Toni Lehtinen (FIN) - Second referee: Kamil Çetin (TUR)
Stadium: Ithrottahus Snæfellsbæjar, Ólafsvík (ISL)
08/28/2013 11:22:00
28 August 2013
Bijelo Polje0-5 (f)Ali Demi
Match forfeited
First referee: TBD - Second referee: TBD
Stadium: Hala Widowiskowo-Sportowa, Bochnia (POL)
09/02/2013 19:40:24
First referee: Vladimir Kadykov (RUS) - Second referee: Radek Venc (CZE)
Stadium: Pirkkahalli, Tampere (FIN)
08/29/2013 10:06:02
First referee: Franco Cachia (MLT) - Second referee: Lukáš Peško (SVK)
Stadium: SOK-Kamchia, Varna (BUL)
08/29/2013 11:07:21
Vitebsk11-2Perth Saltires
First referee: Epaminondas Stamoulis (GRE) - Second referee: Damir Radović (SRB)
Stadium: Lisebergshallen, Göteborg (SWE)
08/29/2013 11:02:34
First referee: Petar Mantev (MKD) - Second referee: Elchin Mammadov (AZE)
Stadium: S.Darius & S.Girenas Sport Center, Kaunas (LTU)
08/29/2013 09:24:16
Wisła5-0Ali Demi
First referee: Mario Bohun (SVK) - Second referee: Stéphane Deraeve (BEL)
Stadium: Hala Widowiskowo-Sportowa, Bochnia (POL)
08/29/2013 10:04:17
Vegakameratene6-2Fırat Üniversitesi
First referee: Borut Šivic (SVN) - Second referee: Zoran Bogdanov (SRB)
Stadium: Hollgasse Hall, Vienna (AUT)
08/29/2013 11:07:21
First referee: Gavin Sartain (ENG) - Second referee: Tomasz Frak (POL)
Stadium: Pirkkahalli, Tampere (FIN)
08/29/2013 09:59:31
Sarajevo8-3Asa Ben Gurion
First referee: Balázs Farkas (HUN) - Second referee: Trayan Enchev (BUL)
Stadium: Cardiff House of Sport II, Cardiff (WAL)
08/29/2013 10:59:50
First referee: Francisco Diaz (ESP) - Second referee: Septimiu Burtescu (ROU)
Stadium: SOK-Kamchia, Varna (BUL)
08/29/2013 11:02:19
Göteborg3-3Eden College
First referee: Abdallah Benazzi (NED) - Second referee: Mario Silva (POR)
Stadium: Lisebergshallen, Göteborg (SWE)
08/29/2013 10:09:47
Stella Rossa2-6Minerva
First referee: Barry Weijers (NED) - Second referee: Goran Paradžik (BIH)
Stadium: Hollgasse Hall, Vienna (AUT)
08/29/2013 11:03:20
Anzhi Tallinn2-6Athina '90
First referee: Kamil Çetin (TUR) - Second referee: Marjan Markoski (MKD)
Stadium: Ithrottahus Snæfellsbæjar, Ólafsvík (ISL)
08/29/2013 09:17:02

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Road to the final

The UEFA Futsal Cup comprises three group stages and a four-team final tournament.

Preliminary round
Depending on the number of entrants, the lower-ranked nations are drawn into three or four-team mini-tournaments played at the start of the season. Each mini-tournament is staged by one of the clubs and each team plays each other once with the group winners progressing.

Main round
The preliminary round winners join all but the four highest-ranked entrants excused the previous stage. They are drawn into six groups of four, staged as one-venue mini-tournaments, with the top two teams going through.

Elite round
The 12 teams progressing from the main round join the four top seeds and are drawn into four groups of four teams. The winners of the one-venue mini-tournaments in late autumn progress to the finals.

The four-team finals are held over a weekend in late April and hosted by one of the qualifiers. The tournament is played as a knockout with the semi-finals followed two days later by the final and third-place play-off. If the third-place match is level after 40 minutes it goes straight to penalties, in the other games ten minutes of extra time will be played.

Further details, including the criteria for separating teams that finish level on points in a group, or after extra time in a match, can be found in the
official competition regulations.