UEFA announces committee members for 2011-13

UEFA has announced the membership of its committees for the period running from 2011-13 as well as the composition of its disciplinary bodies for the next four years.

UEFA headquarters – the House of European Football in Nyon
UEFA headquarters – the House of European Football in Nyon ©UEFA.com

UEFA has announced its new list of committee members for the period between 1 July 2011 and 30 June 2013 as well as the list of members of the UEFA disciplinary bodies – the Control and Disciplinary Body and Appeals Body – between 1 July 2011 and 30 June 2015.

Nineteen committees are involved in shaping UEFA policy across the broad palette of European football. The committees discuss issues ranging from medical matters and players' status or transfers to refereeing, finance and the UEFA competitions. They submit advice, proposals and recommendations to UEFA's Executive Committee, which may also delegate some of its duties to a committee.

UEFA has three judicial bodies – the Control and Disciplinary Body, the Appeals Body and the Disciplinary Inspectors. These authorities are independent within the organisation, and their members are bound by UEFA's rules and regulations.

The new committee list is notable in that the Women's Football Committee has a chairwoman in Karen Espelund from Norway, who is now also a member of the UEFA Executive Committee by invitation. Women also occupy five vice-chairman positions, and the overall number of women members across the committees has risen to 22 – highlighting UEFA's firm commitment to involving women in prominent positions in the decision-making process within European football's governing body.

The Control and Disciplinary Body deals with disciplinary cases, on and off the field, which arise from the UEFA statutes, regulations and decisions of UEFA that do not fall within another committee or body's competence. The Appeals Body handles appeals against disciplinary decisions taken by the Control and Disciplinary Body. It either confirms, amends or revokes the contested decision. The Disciplinary Inspectors investigate violations of the UEFA statutes, regulations and decisions, and represent UEFA in disciplinary proceedings.