UEFA committee week ends

Several UEFA committees have met in Nyon over the last week to discuss matters related to European football as part of UEFA's regular series of committee weeks.

UEFA's committees meet to discuss European football issues
UEFA's committees meet to discuss European football issues ©UEFA.com

Several UEFA committees have held meetings at the House of European Football in Nyon over the last week as part of the European governing body's regular committee weeks

The committees have debated a broad list of issues relating to European football activities. The committees' deliberations and recommendations will now be presented to the UEFA Executive Committee, which holds its next meeting in Venice, Italy, on 8 December.

Nineteen committees are involved in shaping UEFA's policy across the wide span of European football. The committees deal with subjects ranging from medical matters and players' status/transfers to refereeing, finance and the UEFA competitions; they submit proposals and recommendations to UEFA's Executive Committee, which may also delegate some of its duties to a specific committee.

UEFA committees and expert panels have an advisory function, unless regulations adopted by the Executive Committee grant them decision-making powers.