UEFA committee week

UEFA's committees take centre stage this week when several meet at UEFA headquarters in Nyon to discuss a broad palette of issues concerning European football and its well-being.

Nineteen committees are involved in helping shape UEFA's policies
Nineteen committees are involved in helping shape UEFA's policies ©UEFA.com

UEFA's committees take centre stage this week, with several meetings at the House of European Football in Nyon to deliberate on a wide range of issues concerning the game on this continent and its well-being.

Nineteen committees are engaged in shaping UEFA's policy across the wide span of European football. The committees deal with subjects ranging from medical matters and players' status/transfers to refereeing, finance and the UEFA competitions; they submit advice, proposals and recommendations to UEFA's Executive Committee, which may also delegate some of its duties to a specific committee.

On Monday, the National Associations Committee discussed the relationship between, and activities involving, UEFA and its 54 member associations. On Tuesday, a meeting takes place of the HatTrick Committee, which handles UEFA's comprehensive sporting and infrastructure development programme on behalf of its member associations. Tuesday also sees a gathering of the Fair Play and Social Responsibility Committee, which directs UEFA's football-related social responsibility policy and activities, and proposes public relations campaigns to promote the notion of respect in European football.

Wednesday brings a meeting of the Club Licensing Committee, which monitors the implementation and achievement of the objectives of the UEFA club licensing system, as well as the Players' Status, Transfer and Agents and Match Agents Committee, which considers matters related to the status and transfer of players, and the activity of players' agents and match agents.

Thursday's agenda focuses on the Legal Committee, which will be analysing football-related legal issues, on which it advises UEFA, and the Medical Committee which, among other things, exchanges views on current medical topics related to football, draws up proposals regarding the treatment of injuries and football-specific medical conditions, and develops medical education programmes for football.

Finally, on Friday, the Marketing Advisory Committee meets. This committee oversees the general marketing strategy for all UEFA competitions for the attention of the Executive Committee, and advises on issues affecting the relationship between UEFA and its various marketing and media partners.