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Appeals Body

Published: Wednesday 1 May 2013, 12.03CET

UEFA's Appeals Body consists of a chairman, two vice-chairmen and nine other members.

The Appeals Body has jurisdiction to hear appeals against decisions of the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body, and to rule on particularly urgent cases referred to it directly by the chairman of the Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body.


The chairman of the Appeals Body, one of its vice-chairmen or one of its members acting as ad hoc chairman, may take a decision as a judge sitting alone under clear factual and legal circumstances, in urgent or protest cases; if the requests of the parties and the ethics and disciplinary inspector are identical; in the case of clearly inadmissible appeals;  at the request of the parties and the ethics and disciplinary inspector; or in cases where the sanction imposed by the Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body is a fine of up to €50,000 or a suspension from playing or carrying out a function for up to three matches.

Pedro Tomás (Spain)

Dr Levent Bıçakcı (Turkey)
Michael Joseph Maessen (Netherlands)

Björn Ahlberg (Sweden)
Gianluca D'Aloja (Italy)
Barry W Bright (England)
Thomas Cayol (France)  
Thomas Hollerer (Austria)
Ivaylo Ivkov (Bulgaria)
Rainer Koch (Germany)
Urs Reinhard (Switzerland)
Olga Zhukovska (Ukraine)

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