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Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body

Published: Wednesday 1 May 2013, 12.02CET

UEFA's Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body consists of a chairman and nine members.


The Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body has jurisdiction to rule on disciplinary issues and all other matters which fall within its jurisdiction pursuant to the UEFA Statutes or regulations adopted by the UEFA Executive Committee.

The Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body shall, as a rule, reach decisions in the presence of all its members, but is entitled to take a decision if at least three of its members are present.


The chairman of the Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body, one of its vice-chairmen or one of its members acting as ad hoc chairman may make a decision as a judge sitting alone if the sanction is limited to a warning, a reprimand, a fine of up to €45,000, a player suspension or a suspension from carrying out a function for up to three matches, as well as in urgent or protest cases.

In particularly urgent cases (especially regarding admission to, or exclusion from, UEFA competitions) the chairman can refer the case directly to the Appeals Body for decision.


Dr Thomas Partl (Austria)

Jacques Antenen (Switzerland)
Sándor Berzi (Hungary)
Tomás Gea (Andorra)
Kepa Larumbe (Spain)
João Leal (Portugal)
Hans Lorenz (Germany)
Rudolf Řepka (Czech Republic)
Jim Stjerne Hansen (Denmark)
Joël Wolff (Luxembourg)

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