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For more than a decade now, UEFA's successful HatTrick assistance programme has had a positive impact on the development of European football – helping to strengthen the roots of the game across the continent. As the name suggests, the programme has been built on three pillars: investment funding, knowledge-sharing and sports education.

HatTrick was launched at the end of 2003 and is entirely funded by revenue from the UEFA European Football Championship (EURO). It was established to provide financial support to the UEFA member associations in order to develop and foster football at all levels.

Today, as a result, the overall landscape of European football has visibly changed. HatTrick funding has helped to build new administrative headquarters; renovated offices with state-of-the-art equipment; constructed new, fully-equipped training centres for youth and senior national teams and comfortable, modern stadiums and facilities. Partnerships between the UEFA member associations, municipalities and local authorities and the HatTrick programme have brought about the installation of over 3,000 mini-pitches across Europe, reinforcing and facilitating grassroots football and youth development.

The HatTrick programme also provides annual solidarity funding to the UEFA member associations, enabling their participation in UEFA youth, women's and amateur competitions. Through the launch of the UEFA Women's Football Development Programme (WFDP), HatTrick has also underlined the importance and growth of the women's game in its own right.

UEFA member associations have been able to exchange information, ideas and good practices as a result of HatTrick's knowledge-sharing activities such as the innovative KISS programme. In addition, raising the professional bar, association staff have been given expert and invaluable training in management skills through the UEFA Certificate in Football Management (CFM). This management programme has now evolved into a national edition and can be tailored to the needs of specific countries.

A resounding success since 2003, the UEFA HatTrick programme has proved its worth a million times over; with the overall well-being of European football always in mind.