UEFA Grassroots Charter gets new members

UEFA's Executive Committee has ratified two more national associations as members of the UEFA Grassroots Charter, with three more receiving upgrades to their existing status.

Young footballers at a UEFA Grassroots Workshop in the Netherlands
Young footballers at a UEFA Grassroots Workshop in the Netherlands ©UEFA.com

Of UEFA's 53 national associations, 51 have now qualified for UEFA Grassroots Charter status after the Football Federation of Montenegro (FSCG) and the San Marino Football Federation (FSGC) were accepted as members.

The FSCG and FSGC were approved as signatories of the charter with one-star status after a UEFA Grassroots Panel decision, with their admission rubber-stamped by UEFA's Development and Technical Assistance Committee and finally by the UEFA Executive Committee during its meeting in Nyon last month.

Signing the charter means an association satisfies certain minimum criteria and affords them entry at foundation level.

As a further sign of the hard work being undertaken across Europe on the grassroots front, three national associations have received upgrades in their membership of the charter. The Israel Football Association (IFA) has gained two-star status after being recognised for its efforts in the field of promotion and growth. Meanwhile, the Danish Football Association (DBU) and the Football Association of Moldova (FMF) have each been granted a sixth star, taking them to the superior level synonymous with a highly developed grassroots programme.

The top echelon of the UEFA Grassroots Charter is premier level, for countries with the full complement of seven stars. Stars are awarded in relation to excellence in specific grassroots areas, such as social projects including disability football, number of participants, nurturing of women's and girls' football, and promotion of the grassroots game.