Officials announced for UEFA EURO 2012

12 referees nominated for the final tournament

103 - 12 referees nominated for the final tournament

The UEFA Referees Committee met today in Nyon and appointed the 12 referees to handle the 31 matches of next year's UEFA EURO 2012 final tournament in Poland and Ukraine.

For the first time in the history of the UEFA European Championship, the referees will have added support thanks to a decision by football's lawmakers, the International Football Association Board (IFAB), to allow the continuation of the experiment in the use of additional assistant referees. The full referee teams will be announced in January 2012.

The list of referees can be found below:

Surname(s) First Name(s) Country
 Çakιr Cüneyt  Turkey 
 Eriksson Jonas  Sweden 
 Kassai Viktor  Hungary 
 Kuipers Bjorn  Netherlands 
 Lannoy Stéphane  France 
 Oliveira Alves Garcia     Pedro Proença           Portugal 
 Rizzoli Nicola  Italy 
 Skomina Damir Slovenia
 Stark Wolfgang  Germany 
 Thomson Craig  Scotland 
 Velasco Carballo Carlos Spain
 Webb Howard   England 

In addition, four fourth officials who will only act in this specific function have been appointed.


First Name(s)      Country
 Borski Marcin   Poland 
 Hagen Tom Harald            Norway 
 Královec Pavel  Czech Republic 
 Shvetsov Viktor  Ukraine 

The referees' preparations for UEFA EURO 2012 will include various courses and training activities, including:

• 30 January to 2 February - UEFA's winter annual course during which the referees will receive technical instructions as well as physical training plans to follow until the final tournament.

• 30 April to 3 May - Referees' preparatory workshop in Warsaw: The referee "quintets" will train together in their team base camp. They will also undergo fitness tests and review the application of the technical instructions they have received.

• 4 June - The referee teams will arrive in Warsaw for the final tournament.