Professional Football Strategy Council discusses third-party ownership in Munich

Further discussions scheduled for September

044 - Further discussions scheduled for September

The Professional Football Strategy Council (PFSC) met today in Munich on the eve of the 2012 UEFA Champions League final. Third-party ownership of players was one of the issues that was top of the day’s agenda and was debated extensively at the meeting. In light of the wide-spread emergence of this phenomenon in European football, and the threats associated with it, UEFA is considering a ban on the registration of players subject to third-party ownership arrangements for its competitions. Further discussion on this topic will take place at the Council’s next meeting in Nyon in September and at future UEFA Executive Committee meetings.

In addition, the PFSC also discussed the issue of supranational competitions and the harmonisation of league calendars and agreed that these subjects should be further analysed in the future.

The PFSC comprises elected representatives of the four main stakeholder groups involved in European professional football: the clubs, via the European Club Association (ECA); the leagues, via the European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL); the players, via FIFPro Division Europe; and UEFA, as the football governing body at European level. The body discusses issues of strategic importance for professional football in Europe and advises the UEFA Executive Committee accordingly.