Mini-pitch opened in Armenia

UEFA Grassroots Day was celebrated in Armenia with the inauguration of a community mini-pitch and a grassroots festival involving youngsters of different ages from Ararat Province.

A legacy of UEFA Grassroots Day on 25 May has been left in Armenia with the unveiling of a mini-pitch in Dvin, a village in the Ararat Province of the country.

The mini-pitch, built with the support of local sponsors, is aimed at eight to 12-year-olds, giving children an impressive facility in which to practise and play. The opening of the pitch was the precursor to a day of UEFA Grassroots Day activities in Armenia, with the main focus being the city of Artashat.

Around 600 children from secondary schools and sports clubs in the Ararat region participated in the grassroots festival, which was organised jointly by the Football Federation of Armenia (HFF) and the municipality of Ararat. Youngsters of different ages were involved in football matches at the city stadium in Artashat, with parents, HFF representatives and local officials in attendance to provide support.

"There were no winners or losers on the day," said HFF grassroots department specialist Lala Yeritsyan. "The children were happy because of the party atmosphere, the team spirit and, of course, their brand-new sports equipment and kit." The celebrations ended with the handing out of gifts, balls, diplomas and awards.