Gibraltar FA anti-doping seminar

The Gibraltar Football Association, UEFA's newest national association, staged its inaugural anti-doping seminar, and emphasised that there can be no place for drugs in football.

Gibraltar has staged its inaugural anti-doping event.
Gibraltar has staged its inaugural anti-doping event. ©GFA

The Gibraltar Football Association (GFA), UEFA's newest national association, has held its inaugural anti-doping seminar.

The event was formally opened by Gibraltar's minister for sport, Steven Linares, who emphasised that there was no place whatsoever for drugs in sport, and that the Gibraltar government was fully committed to upholding all anti-doping procedures, regulations and legislation throughout all sports.

UEFA was represented at the seminar by the third vice-chairman of the UEFA Medical Committee, Dr Mogens Kreutzfeld, and Marc Vouillamoz, head of the UEFA medical and anti-doping unit.

The seminar involved an overview and detailed explanation of the UEFA medical programme and regulations, and also highlighted UEFA's anti-doping regulations and players' responsibilities in this area. Marc Vouillamoz explained the role of the Doping Control Doctor (DCO) at all UEFA matches, including the selection procedure to identify players who will be tested, and stressed the requirements of those players who are chosen to undertake doping tests.

GFA president Desmond Reoch closed the seminar by reiterating that there was no place for drugs in Gibraltar's football.

"Football can be exciting, challenging and rewarding," added the GFA integrity officer and event organiser Louis Wink. "However, the good name of the game can be seriously damaged and the integrity of the sport undermined by the use of illegal or performance-enhancement substances."