Anti-doping agreement with Finland

UEFA has signed a cooperation agreement with the national anti-doping organisation in Finland, extending its pan-European campaign and strengthening its drive against doping.

FINCIS general secretary Harri Syväsalmi (left) and Marc Vouillamoz (UEFA) sign the agreement
FINCIS general secretary Harri Syväsalmi (left) and Marc Vouillamoz (UEFA) sign the agreement ©UEFA

UEFA is reinforcing its comprehensive campaign against doping in football by signing co-operation agreements with national anti-doping organisations (NADOs) across Europe, with Finland the latest country to join the coordination programme.

The latest agreement – the 28th between UEFA and a European NADO – brings Finland's anti-doping body, the Finnish Centre for Integrity in Sports (FINCIS), into the co-operation fold.

Under the agreements, UEFA and the NADOs coordinate their anti-doping programmes and testing activities, exchanging information and intelligence which is considered useful in planning doping tests. This also includes the building up of players' biological passports under a UEFA programme which has entered its second season.

UEFA is working in collaboration with European NADOs this season to implement a comprehensive and deterrent testing programme in UEFA and national domestic competitions. The pan-European co-operation ensures that UEFA has a full picture of the doping tests conducted on players at international and national level.

"The agreement signed with FINCIS marks the continuation of our positive cooperation with NADOs across Europe," said UEFA's medical and anti-doping head Marc Vouillamoz. "UEFA is fostering cooperation and partnerships in order to implement intelligent, deterrent and balanced testing programmes to protect the clean players and teams."

“We are very happy about the agreement with UEFA,” said Katja Huotari, FINCIS doping control manager. "It continues our agreements signed with many international sports federations, and the agreements benefit all parties in doping control.”