UEFA backing World Heart Day – 29 September

The European governing body is supporting the World Heart Federation's World Heart Day on Thursday – using the power of football to promote active and healthy lifestyles.

©World Heart Federation

The World Heart Federation is one of UEFA's core social responsibility partners and on the occasion of World Heart Day – Thursday 29 September – it is calling on individuals, families and communities to be physically active and to join the fight against heart disease and strokes.

UEFA will stand in support of the World Heart Federation by backing its One World, One Home, One Heart campaign which reaches a climax on WHD, 29 September.

One World, One Home, One Heart aims to help individuals take charge of their family's heart health by highlighting simple steps such as physical activity and a healthy lifestyle that can be taken both in the home and outside to lower the risk of future problems.

The World Heart Day message is for individuals in every home around the world to take action in the battle against the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Since 2004, the focus of the World Heart Federation's partnership with UEFA has been to promote through football active healthy lifestyles for children and so to address one of Europe's most pressing public health concerns: childhood obesity.

Football has tremendous power and influence, and can shape the attitudes and behaviour that affect health. Accessible to all, the game makes an enormous contribution to the physical and mental well-being of young people across the globe.

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