Homeless World Cup support for Grassroots Day

UEFA partner, the Homeless World Cup, added its support for UEFA Grassroots Day in May with the organisation of 41 events in countries from Europe and around the world.

Countries from Europe and around the world were involved in a number of activities arranged by the Homeless World Cup for UEFA Grassroots Day at the end of May.

The organisation received a tremendous response after inviting its partners to host an event during the annual grassroots football celebration, with a total of 41 signing up to take part by either hosting a training session, mini tournament or football festival.

Many used the opportunity to invite other grassroots organisations to join them and participate in the event, some had additional support from their national football association, while others embraced the chance to demonstrate the excellent work they do on a weekly basis to a global audience.

Activities were arranged in nations as far and wide as Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Uganda, Canada and Mexico, where the 10th edition of the Homeless World Cup will take place in October. Meanwhile, in Europe, highlights included tournaments in Italy, Belgium, Portugal, England and Romania, while in Serbia an event involved players displaced by the conflict in Kosovo.

"We are delighted to see how our partners joined in the Grassroots Day with great enthusiasm," said the Homeless World Cup's director of football, Andy Hook.

"They put on a fantastic show that linked the programmes across the world with coaching sessions, mini tournaments, challenge matches and special educational events involving their own communities. I was overwhelmed and deeply touched by the level of the support shown from a truly global football family."

Meanwhile, the organisation's president, Mel Young, added: "UEFA has been one of our main partners since we started in 2003 and we are delighted with this productive partnership. Football has real power to create change even amongst the most marginalised people in the world. The support given by UEFA to grassroots activities is very significant and impactful. UEFA deserve high praise for their interventions."