Testimony: Ramish uses football to overcome landmine injuries

On this International Day of Persons with Disabilities, we invite you to meet Afghan players using football to overcome landmine injuries via the UEFA-ICRC partnership. Step forward Ramish.


My name is Ramish, I am 21 years old and I work at the ICRC as an assistant orthopaedic trainer.

It was 2003 when I went out with my friends to Qasaba Park in Kabul, near the airport, for kite running. I was playing and was very happy on that day, it was sunny and windy.

All of a sudden I stepped on a mine and that is when I thought that my whole life was about to change, in a negative way of course. Just the thought of being disabled, without a leg, was driving me crazy. I had no hope and I thought this was going to be the end.

After a while, my family heard about the International Committee of the Red Cross rehabilitation centre and we came here. I was happy but I would never have imagined that I would play football again.

I was just a patient at first. Then some of my doctors told me about the football team. I was very eager to join the team and I did. At first we were just practising. Little by little, with the team, we started playing matches and went to other provinces for matches.

Football changed my life in a totally different way, positive of course. I am lucky to be part of this team. I sometimes think about my state of mind after I stepped on the mine and laugh, because I was so wrong.

I have a bright future now, I am an active part of the society and I can do things like any other human being.

When I came to orthopaedic centre, I wasn't happy, because I used to think a lot, a lot of negative thoughts. But when I started playing football, I became very fresh and very happy.

I think if I didn't play football I would be dead or extremely depressed by now. 


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