Paul Pogba's first chat with Afghanistan

Juventus's Paul Pogba answered questions from landmine victims in Kabul to show his support for the UEFA-ICRC partnership and the rehabilitation programme in Afghanistan.

One of the stars of's users' Team of the Year 2015, Paul Pogba will hand over UEFA's annual cheque to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for their rehabilitation programme benefiting landmine victims in Afghanistan ahead of Juventus's meeting with Bayern München on 23 February. Ahead of the handover, the 22-year-old France international answered questions from the football team from the ICRC rehabilitation centre in Kabul.

Ramish: When did you start to play football, and how did you manage to become so famous?

Paul Pogba: I started playing football at the age of five, at my first club in Roissy-en-Brie. And how did I become so famous? I've always loved football. I've always given everything when I'm playing, and I didn't like to lose when I was younger. At school, I was always playing football. I couldn't wait for the break to go outside and play.

Muharam, the coach: What do you do when you are off the pitch?

Pogba: Besides football, I love music, and I like dancing a lot. When I was young I played football and table tennis – I love table tennis. And I play at the Playstation, like all young people nowadays – that's something I love to do.

Click on the video player to watch the Skype conversation between Paul Pogba and the ICRC football team in Kabul