Sergio Ramos on football for rehabilitation

Sergio Ramos supports the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) football team in Afghanistan, which includes landmine victims and people with disabilities.

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For the tenth consecutive year, UEFA has set aside €100,000 for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The donation supports the ICRC's physical rehabilitation programme for landmine victims and other people with disabilities in Afghanistan – providing artificial limbs, physiotherapy, vocational training and access to the rehabilitation centre's football team.

Each year, the donation is handed over by a player voted on to the users' Team of the Year. This year, Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has kindly agreed to present the cheque to the ICRC on behalf of UEFA, before the start of Wednesday’s UEFA Champions League encounter between Real Madrid CF and SSC Napoli in Madrid.

You are giving the donation to the ICRC, because you received the most votes in the Team of the Year. You must be very proud!

Sergio Ramos: Yes, of course. I can only say thank you for that. I can't thank people enough for all the warmth they've shown me throughout my career. It's a real delight and a privilege to receive the most votes out of all the players.

How important is it to help landmine victims who are using football to rebuild their lives?

Sergio Ramos: It's a true privilege for us, and it takes advantage of the global reach that football has to help them in every aspect of their daily lives. As key figures in this sport we have to do that, we have to be united and help them, so that we can be a source of motivation in their day-to-day lives. We know about the problems that they have, and it's always very satisfying for us to help them out.

What is your message to the ICRC players?

Sergio Ramos: They are an inspiration for us, and they set an example of how to have a positive approach to life, despite the problems that they have. They don't stop dreaming ─ and they fight to make their dreams come true.

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