UEFA meets fans' representatives

UEFA has met with European supporter representatives from several countries in Nyon – and has emphasised that fans remain the lifeblood of the game, giving the clubs their identity.

A meeting of European supporter representatives from several countries and UEFA took place today in Nyon, Switzerland.

Various items were discussed such as:
• matchday arrangements at UEFA club and national team competition matches
• the Fan Hosting Seminar held in Barcelona in February (Football, Host Cities and RESPECT)
• the new UEFA policy of hosting the UEFA Champions League final on a Saturday and providing a special allocation of tickets to parents and children
• increasing further the dialogue between UEFA and supporter representatives.

The supporter groups were represented by the Football Supporters Europe (FSE) Committee elected at the most recent European Football Fans' Congress last July in Hamburg, together with Supporters Direct Europe.

Present from UEFA's side were the president Michel Platini, the first vice-president Şenes Erzik and general secretary Gianni Infantino, along with various members of the UEFA administration.

Following the meeting, UEFA president Michel Platini reiterated UEFA's approach towards the fans: "The supporters are the lifeblood of professional football – they are the identity of the clubs. Owners, coaches and players change but supporters always remain. At UEFA we try to incorporate the views of the fans into what we do."