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Armand Duka

Published: Sunday 2 January 2011, 12.04CET
Armand Duka
Armand Duka (Albanian FA president) ©
Published: Sunday 2 January 2011, 12.04CET

Armand Duka

Nationality: Albanian
Date of birth: 7 October 1962
Association president since: 2002

• With a degree in economics from the University of Tirana, Armand Duka is a celebrated figure in the Durres region who established himself in business as head of a firm which primarily produces animal feed and eggs.

• Having made his first move into football as owner of Shijak-based club KF Erzeni, Duka was elected for his first term as president of the Football Association of Albania (FShF) in 2002, determined to improve the image of Albanian football, promote the game and develop the nation's footballing infrastructure.

• Now in his fourth term as president, Duka said: "My goal is to double the number of teams at youth level, improve the structure of all professional clubs in line with UEFA requirements and improve the results of all Albanian teams, at club and national level, in UEFA competitions."

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