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Ján Kováčik

Published: Sunday 2 January 2011, 12.42CET
Ján Kováčik
Ján Kováčik (Football Association of Slovenia president) ©
Published: Sunday 2 January 2011, 12.42CET

Ján Kováčik

Nationality: Slovakian
Date of Birth: 4 December 1962
Association president since: 2010

• Ján Kováčik proved his business acumen in the construction industry, and moved on into the entertainment world, co-founding one of Slovakia's largest production companies.

• Took his skills into the world of football as owner of his hometown club FK Dukla Banská Bystrica, helping them to compete among the top teams in Slovakia and qualify for the UEFA club competitions.

• Elected as Slovak Football Association (SFZ) president in September 2010, he said: "I want to be a strong but fair and proper president. My priority is to build a new national stadium, set new standards in communication between the SFZ and the media and, for sure, raise the standard of football in Slovakia." He was re-elected for a second term of four years in February 2014, and oversaw the national team’s qualification for UEFA EURO 2016. Stadium infrastructure improvements and amateur football development are among his major objectives in this term of office.

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