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Andriy Pavelko

Published: Sunday 2 January 2011, 13.26CET
Andriy Pavelko
Acting FFU president Andriy Pavelko ©FFU
Published: Sunday 2 January 2011, 13.26CET

Andriy Pavelko

Nationality: Ukrainian
Date of Birth: 7 October 1975
Association president since: 2015

• Andriy Pavelko was born in Dnipropetrovsk, played football at grassroots level and headed the football association of Dnipropetrovsk from 2001. He was elected to the FFU executive committee in 2003, became association vice-president in September 2012 and served as interim president of the FFU from January 2015 after Anatoliy Konkov stepped down.

• The father of two children graduated from Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University in 2003 with a degree in legal studies, and is currently studying at the National Academy of State Administration. Pavelko also serves as a member of the Ukrainian parliament.

• "Our ongoing work at the FFU will be as transparent as it can be. We will give opportunities to our regional associations and other bodies to take part in making decisions," said the 39-year-old after being elected as FFU president in March 2015. "We are turning a new page in the history of Ukrainian football. We need to make some reforms, and we have to start right away. I emphasised UEFA's 11 key values in my pre-election programme, and these values have to become fundamental for our activities, and those of our regional federations and other members of our team." Pavelo was re-elected for a five-year term in June 2017. 

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