Portuguese Women's First Division 2014 Championship Play-off

1Clube Atlético Ouriense *642094534
2GDC A-dos-Francos *613267-130
3CF Benfica *612357-227
4Clube de Albergaria *6213810-226

Portuguese Women's First Division 2014 Relegation Play-off

1Boavista FC *1081126101638
2Vilaverdense FC *1070328131535
3Valadares Gaia FC *10622169731
4FC Cesarense *104061621-517
5EFF Setúbal *102171023-1310
6SU 1° Dezembro *10109626-207

Portuguese Women's First Division 2014

1GDC A-dos-Francos18160248143448
2CF Benfica18142271125944
3Clube Atlético Ouriense18130548163239
4Clube de Albergaria18121559174237
5Vilaverdense FC189182536-1128
6Boavista FC188192138-1725
7Valadares Gaia FC1861113125619
8FC Cesarense1832131567-5211
9SU 1° Dezembro1822141952-338
10EFF Setúbal1820161474-606
*Clube Atlético Ouriense have had 20 point(s) awarded
*GDC A-dos-Francos have had 24 point(s) awarded
*CF Benfica have had 22 point(s) awarded
*Clube de Albergaria have had 19 point(s) awarded
*Boavista FC have had 13 point(s) awarded
*Vilaverdense FC have had 14 point(s) awarded
*Valadares Gaia FC have had 11 point(s) awarded
*FC Cesarense have had 5 point(s) awarded
*EFF Setúbal have had 3 point(s) awarded
*SU 1° Dezembro have had 4 point(s) awarded