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Dear Santa

Published: Wednesday 24 December 2003, 22.01CET
Santa Claus is going to be a busy man tonight, and has exclusive access to his mail. features

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Published: Wednesday 24 December 2003, 22.01CET

Dear Santa

Santa Claus is going to be a busy man tonight, and has exclusive access to his mail.

With Christmas approaching, boys and girls everywhere have sent their gift wish lists to Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Père Noël, Jultomten, or Kriss Kringle. However, has managed to intercept some missives en route to the North Pole.

The first letter is from Claudio in west London. It reads:

Dear Santa,
Or should I say Roman? This year has been like having Christmas every day. Some of my friends think I have too many toys already but if it is the case that you need just a first eleven and three or four more players, then why did Christopher Columbus sail to India to discover America? So Santa I want the transfer window restrictions to be lifted so I could have a new action figure to play with every week and then I can tinker with all my toys every day.

PS Maybe you can arrange for my Swedish friend Sven to win a trophy with England so he can stop visiting here and being friends with Roman. I don't want him stealing my toys. Or getting even better ones than me.

Another is from Felipe in Portugal

Dear Santa,
My shiny toys from last year are looking a bit old and worn now, but I don't really want anything this year: I'm getting in my request early for next summer. We're having a huge party here next summer and everyone is expecting me to bring the special silver, or at least make sure no one takes it away. So can you bring a hits of 1991 CD, so my new friends can play like they are 19 again. Or at least a plane ticket to Brazil. Just in case.

Big Phil

Our final letter today is from Christian in Milan

Ciao/G'Day Santa
My friend Hernán had to move to London this year, and now I am feeling lonely. I used to feel I had a lot of friends in Italy, but I do not know if they like me any more. I have already had to move house a lot, from Bologna to Australia to Turin to Pisa to Bergamo to Turin again to Madrid to Rome to Milan, so this year I would like a Scudetto, so everybody here can be friends again

PS Failing that, can you ask your Russian friend to get me a home in London.

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