1Real Madrid CFReal Madrid CFESPUEFA Champions League04.0004.457
2FC BarcelonaFC BarcelonaESPUEFA Champions League04.0004.457
3Club Atlético de MadridClub Atlético de MadridESPUEFA Champions League04.0004.457
4Sevilla FCSevilla FCESPUEFA Champions League04.0004.457
5Chelsea FCChelsea FCENGUEFA Champions League04.0004.350
6Manchester City FCManchester City FCENGUEFA Champions League04.0004.350
7Arsenal FCArsenal FCENGUEFA Champions League04.0004.350
8FC Bayern MünchenFC Bayern MünchenGERUEFA Champions League04.0004.342
9VfL Borussia MönchengladbachVfL Borussia MönchengladbachGERUEFA Champions League04.0004.342
10VfL WolfsburgVfL WolfsburgGERUEFA Champions League04.0004.342
11Paris Saint-GermainParis Saint-GermainFRAUEFA Champions League04.0004.266
12Olympique LyonnaisOlympique LyonnaisFRAUEFA Champions League04.0004.266
13FC PortoFC PortoPORUEFA Champions League04.0004.266
14AS RomaAS RomaITAUEFA Champions League04.0004.266
15JuventusJuventusITAUEFA Champions League04.0004.266
16SL BenficaSL BenficaPORUEFA Champions League04.0004.266
17Galatasaray AŞGalatasaray AŞTURUEFA Champions League04.0004.160
18Olympiacos FCOlympiacos FCGREUEFA Champions League04.0004.160
19KAA GentKAA GentBELUEFA Champions League04.0004.160
20FC ZenitFC ZenitRUSUEFA Champions League04.0004.160
21FC Dynamo KyivFC Dynamo KyivUKRUEFA Champions League04.0004.160
22PSV EindhovenPSV EindhovenNEDUEFA Champions League04.0004.150
23The New Saints FCThe New Saints FCWALUEFA Champions League01.0001.275
24FK AS TrenčínFK AS TrenčínSVKUEFA Champions League01.0001.250
25FK VentspilsFK VentspilsLVAUEFA Champions League01.0001.225
26FC PyunikFC PyunikARMUEFA Champions League01.0001.225
27FK SarajevoFK SarajevoBIHUEFA Champions League01.0001.200
28StjarnanStjarnanISLUEFA Champions League01.0001.200
29Lincoln FCLincoln FCGIBUEFA Champions League01.0001.150
30PFC Ludogorets RazgradPFC Ludogorets RazgradBULUEFA Champions League01.0001.150
31FC Dila GoriFC Dila GoriGEOUEFA Champions League01.0001.125
32FK Rudar PljevljaFK Rudar PljevljaMNEUEFA Champions League01.0001.125
33CS Fola EschCS Fola EschLUXUEFA Champions League01.0001.125
34Dundalk FCDundalk FCIRLUEFA Champions League01.0001.120
35Crusaders FCCrusaders FCNIRUEFA Champions League01.0001.100
36FK VardarFK VardarMKDUEFA Champions League01.0001.100
37NK MariborNK MariborSVNUEFA Champions League01.0001.100
38FK Žalgiris VilniusFK Žalgiris VilniusLTUUEFA Champions League01.0001.100
39Hibernians FCHibernians FCMLTUEFA Champions League01.0001.075
40Newtown AFCNewtown AFCWALUEFA Europa League00.5000.775
41FC ShirakFC ShirakARMUEFA Europa League00.5000.725
42Skonto FCSkonto FCLVAUEFA Europa League00.5000.725
43FK JelgavaFK JelgavaLVAUEFA Europa League00.5000.725
44FK Spartaks JūrmalaFK Spartaks JūrmalaLVAUEFA Europa League00.5000.725
45Alashkert FCAlashkert FCARMUEFA Europa League00.5000.725
46FC Levadia TallinnFC Levadia TallinnESTUEFA Champions League00.5000.700
47Jagiellonia BiałystokJagiellonia BiałystokPOLUEFA Europa League00.5000.700
48Nõmme Kalju FCNõmme Kalju FCESTUEFA Europa League00.5000.700
49Randers FCRanders FCDENUEFA Europa League00.5000.700
50FH HafnarfjördurFH HafnarfjördurISLUEFA Europa League00.5000.700
51KR ReykjavíkKR ReykjavíkISLUEFA Europa League00.5000.700
52WKS Śląsk WrocławWKS Śląsk WrocławPOLUEFA Europa League00.5000.700
53HNK RijekaHNK RijekaCROUEFA Europa League00.5000.650
54FK ČukaričkiFK ČukaričkiSRBUEFA Europa League00.5000.650
55Ferencvárosi TCFerencvárosi TCHUNUEFA Europa League00.5000.650
56PFC Beroe Stara ZagoraPFC Beroe Stara ZagoraBULUEFA Europa League00.5000.650
57PFC Cherno More VarnaPFC Cherno More VarnaBULUEFA Europa League00.5000.650
58NK Lokomotiva ZagrebNK Lokomotiva ZagrebCROUEFA Europa League00.5000.650
59FC Dacia ChisinauFC Dacia ChisinauMDAUEFA Europa League00.5000.625
60FK Mladost PodgoricaFK Mladost PodgoricaMNEUEFA Europa League00.5000.625
61FC Shakhtyor SoligorskFC Shakhtyor SoligorskBLRUEFA Europa League00.5000.625
62FC Differdange 03FC Differdange 03LUXUEFA Europa League00.5000.625
63University College Dublin AFCUniversity College Dublin AFCIRLUEFA Europa League00.5000.620
64Shamrock Rovers FCShamrock Rovers FCIRLUEFA Europa League00.5000.620
65Linfield FCLinfield FCNIRUEFA Europa League00.5000.600
66FC KoperFC KoperSVNUEFA Europa League00.5000.600
67Inverness Caledonian Thistle FCInverness Caledonian Thistle FCSCOUEFA Europa League00.5000.600
68FK TrakaiFK TrakaiLTUUEFA Europa League00.5000.600
69FC BotoşaniFC BotoşaniROUUEFA Europa League00.5000.575
70Birkirkara FCBirkirkara FCMLTUEFA Europa League00.5000.575
71B36 TórshavnB36 TórshavnFROUEFA Champions League00.5000.575
72Hapoel Beer Sheva FCHapoel Beer Sheva FCISRUEFA Europa League00.5000.575
73Beitar Jerusalem FCBeitar Jerusalem FCISRUEFA Europa League00.5000.575
74FC Santa ColomaFC Santa ColomaANDUEFA Champions League00.5000.533
75AUK Broughton FCAUK Broughton FCWALUEFA Europa League00.2500.525
76Bala Town FCBala Town FCWALUEFA Europa League00.2500.525
77FK Mladá BoleslavFK Mladá BoleslavCZEUEFA Europa League00.5000.500
78SS FolgoreSS FolgoreSMRUEFA Champions League00.5000.500
79Ulisses FC Ulisses FC ARMUEFA Europa League00.2500.475
80Villarreal CFVillarreal CFESPUEFA Europa League00.0000.457
81Valencia CFValencia CFESPUEFA Champions League00.0000.457
82Athletic ClubAthletic ClubESPUEFA Europa League00.0000.457
83FC Flora TallinnFC Flora TallinnESTUEFA Europa League00.2500.450
84Víkingur ReykjavíkVíkingur ReykjavíkISLUEFA Europa League00.2500.450
85FK Olimpic SarajevoFK Olimpic SarajevoBIHUEFA Europa League00.2500.450
86JK Sillamäe KalevJK Sillamäe KalevESTUEFA Europa League00.2500.450
87HŠK ZrinjskiHŠK ZrinjskiBIHUEFA Europa League00.2500.450
88FC AktobeFC AktobeKAZUEFA Europa League00.2500.400
89FC Ordabasy ShymkentFC Ordabasy ShymkentKAZUEFA Europa League00.2500.400
90Go Ahead EaglesGo Ahead EaglesNEDUEFA Europa League00.2500.400
91PFC Litex LovechPFC Litex LovechBULUEFA Europa League00.2500.400
92Europa FCEuropa FCGIBUEFA Europa League00.2500.400
93MTK BudapestMTK BudapestHUNUEFA Europa League00.2500.400
94Neftçi PFKNeftçi PFKAZEUEFA Europa League00.2500.400
95FC VaduzFC VaduzLIEUEFA Europa League00.0000.400
96FK Crvena zvezdaFK Crvena zvezdaSRBUEFA Europa League00.2500.400
97FC Progrès NiederkornFC Progrès NiederkornLUXUEFA Europa League00.2500.375
98F91 DudelangeF91 DudelangeLUXUEFA Europa League00.2500.375
99FK Budućnost PodgoricaFK Budućnost PodgoricaMNEUEFA Europa League00.2500.375
100FC Dinamo BatumiFC Dinamo BatumiGEOUEFA Europa League00.2500.375
101FK PartizaniFK PartizaniALBUEFA Europa League00.2500.375
102FC Dinamo TbilisiFC Dinamo TbilisiGEOUEFA Europa League00.2500.375
103TskhinvaliTskhinvaliGEOUEFA Europa League00.2500.375
104FC SaxanFC SaxanMDAUEFA Europa League00.2500.375
105KF LaçiKF LaçiALBUEFA Europa League00.2500.375
106FC SheriffFC SheriffMDAUEFA Europa League00.2500.375
107FC Torpedo-Belaz ZhodinoFC Torpedo-Belaz ZhodinoBLRUEFA Europa League00.2500.375
108FK SutjeskaFK SutjeskaMNEUEFA Europa League00.2500.375
109Cork City FCCork City FCIRLUEFA Europa League00.2500.370
110Saint Patrick's Athletic FCSaint Patrick's Athletic FCIRLUEFA Europa League00.2500.370
111Glentoran FCGlentoran FCNIRUEFA Europa League00.2500.350
112Tottenham Hotspur FCTottenham Hotspur FCENGUEFA Europa League00.0000.350
113Glenavon FCGlenavon FCNIRUEFA Europa League00.2500.350
114Liverpool FCLiverpool FCENGUEFA Europa League00.0000.350
115Southampton FCSouthampton FCENGUEFA Europa League00.0000.350
116Manchester United FCManchester United FCENGUEFA Champions League00.0000.350
117West Ham United FCWest Ham United FCENGUEFA Europa League00.0000.350
118NK CeljeNK CeljeSVNUEFA Europa League00.2500.350
119KF ShkëndijaKF ShkëndijaMKDUEFA Europa League00.2500.350
120KF RenovaKF RenovaMKDUEFA Europa League00.2500.350
121FK Atlantas KlaipėdaFK Atlantas KlaipėdaLTUUEFA Europa League00.2500.350
122NK DomžaleNK DomžaleSVNUEFA Europa League00.2500.350
123Saint Johnstone FCSaint Johnstone FCSCOUEFA Europa League00.2500.350
124FK Kruoja PakruojisFK Kruoja PakruojisLTUUEFA Europa League00.2500.350
125FC AugsburgFC AugsburgGERUEFA Europa League00.0000.342
126FC Schalke 04FC Schalke 04GERUEFA Europa League00.0000.342
127Borussia DortmundBorussia DortmundGERUEFA Europa League00.0000.342
128Bayer 04 LeverkusenBayer 04 LeverkusenGERUEFA Champions League00.0000.342
129Valletta FCValletta FCMLTUEFA Europa League00.2500.325
130VíkingurVíkingurFROUEFA Europa League00.2500.325
131HB TórshavnHB TórshavnFROUEFA Europa League00.2500.325
132NSÍ RunavíkNSÍ RunavíkFROUEFA Europa League00.2500.325
133Balzan FCBalzan FCMLTUEFA Europa League00.2500.325
134VPS VaasaVPS VaasaFINUEFA Europa League00.2500.300
135SJK SeinäjokiSJK SeinäjokiFINUEFA Europa League00.2500.300
136FC LahtiFC LahtiFINUEFA Europa League00.2500.300
137FC LusitansFC LusitansANDUEFA Europa League00.2500.283
138UE Sant JuliàUE Sant JuliàANDUEFA Europa League00.2500.283
139UC SampdoriaUC SampdoriaITAUEFA Europa League00.0000.266
140Vitória SCVitória SCPORUEFA Europa League00.0000.266
141AS Saint-ÉtienneAS Saint-ÉtienneFRAUEFA Europa League00.0000.266
142AS Monaco FCAS Monaco FCFRAUEFA Champions League00.0000.266
143FC Girondins de BordeauxFC Girondins de BordeauxFRAUEFA Europa League00.0000.266
144Os BelenensesOs BelenensesPORUEFA Europa League00.0000.266
145Sporting Clube de PortugalSporting Clube de PortugalPORUEFA Champions League00.0000.266
146SSC NapoliSSC NapoliITAUEFA Europa League00.0000.266
147SS LazioSS LazioITAUEFA Champions League00.0000.266
148SC BragaSC BragaPORUEFA Europa League00.0000.266
149Olympique de MarseilleOlympique de MarseilleFRAUEFA Europa League00.0000.266
150ACF FiorentinaACF FiorentinaITAUEFA Europa League00.0000.266
151Rosenborg BKRosenborg BKNORUEFA Europa League00.0000.250
152ŠK Slovan BratislavaŠK Slovan BratislavaSVKUEFA Europa League00.0000.250
153FC Spartak TrnavaFC Spartak TrnavaSVKUEFA Europa League00.0000.250
154Strømsgodset IFStrømsgodset IFNORUEFA Europa League00.0000.250
155MŠK ŽilinaMŠK ŽilinaSVKUEFA Europa League00.0000.250
156Molde FKMolde FKNORUEFA Champions League00.0000.250
157Odds BKOdds BKNORUEFA Europa League00.0000.250
158SP La FioritaSP La FioritaSMRUEFA Europa League00.2500.250
159AC Juvenes/DoganaAC Juvenes/DoganaSMRUEFA Europa League00.2500.250
160FC MidtjyllandFC MidtjyllandDENUEFA Champions League00.0000.200
161FK ŽeljezničarFK ŽeljezničarBIHUEFA Europa League00.0000.200
162KKS Lech PoznańKKS Lech PoznańPOLUEFA Champions League00.0000.200
163Legia WarszawaLegia WarszawaPOLUEFA Europa League00.0000.200
164Brøndby IFBrøndby IFDENUEFA Europa League00.0000.200
165FC KøbenhavnFC KøbenhavnDENUEFA Europa League00.0000.200
166R. Charleroi SCR. Charleroi SCBELUEFA Europa League00.0000.160
167Fenerbahçe SKFenerbahçe SKTURUEFA Champions League00.0000.160
168FC Shakhtar DonetskFC Shakhtar DonetskUKRUEFA Champions League00.0000.160
169Trabzonspor AŞTrabzonspor AŞTURUEFA Europa League00.0000.160
170FC Lokomotiv MoskvaFC Lokomotiv MoskvaRUSUEFA Europa League00.0000.160
171PFC CSKA MoskvaPFC CSKA MoskvaRUSUEFA Champions League00.0000.160
172Club Brugge KVClub Brugge KVBELUEFA Champions League00.0000.160
173Panathinaikos FCPanathinaikos FCGREUEFA Champions League00.0000.160
174RSC AnderlechtRSC AnderlechtBELUEFA Europa League00.0000.160
175R. Standard de LiègeR. Standard de LiègeBELUEFA Europa League00.0000.160
176Beşiktaş JKBeşiktaş JKTURUEFA Europa League00.0000.160
177FC Dnipro DnipropetrovskFC Dnipro DnipropetrovskUKRUEFA Europa League00.0000.160
178PAOK FCPAOK FCGREUEFA Europa League00.0000.160
179FC Vorskla PoltavaFC Vorskla PoltavaUKRUEFA Europa League00.0000.160
180FC Zorya LuhanskFC Zorya LuhanskUKRUEFA Europa League00.0000.160
181FC Rubin KazanFC Rubin KazanRUSUEFA Europa League00.0000.160
182Atromitos FCAtromitos FCGREUEFA Europa League00.0000.160
183Asteras Tripolis FCAsteras Tripolis FCGREUEFA Europa League00.0000.160
184İstanbul Başakşehirİstanbul BaşakşehirTURUEFA Europa League00.0000.160
185FC KrasnodarFC KrasnodarRUSUEFA Europa League00.0000.160
186Qäbälä FKQäbälä FKAZEUEFA Europa League00.0000.150
187FC AstanaFC AstanaKAZUEFA Champions League00.0000.150
188İnter Bakı PİKİnter Bakı PİKAZEUEFA Europa League00.0000.150
189FC Kairat AlmatyFC Kairat AlmatyKAZUEFA Europa League00.0000.150
190IFK GöteborgIFK GöteborgSWEUEFA Europa League00.0000.150
191APOEL FCAPOEL FCCYPUEFA Champions League00.0000.150
192AFC AjaxAFC AjaxNEDUEFA Champions League00.0000.150
193FC GroningenFC GroningenNEDUEFA Europa League00.0000.150
194Malmö FFMalmö FFSWEUEFA Champions League00.0000.150
195FK PartizanFK PartizanSRBUEFA Champions League00.0000.150
196GNK Dinamo ZagrebGNK Dinamo ZagrebCROUEFA Champions League00.0000.150
197AZ AlkmaarAZ AlkmaarNEDUEFA Europa League00.0000.150
198Videoton FCVideoton FCHUNUEFA Champions League00.0000.150
199AC OmoniaAC OmoniaCYPUEFA Europa League00.0000.150
200AEK Larnaca FCAEK Larnaca FCCYPUEFA Europa League00.0000.150
201VitesseVitesseNEDUEFA Europa League00.0000.150
202Qarabağ FKQarabağ FKAZEUEFA Champions League00.0000.150
203Apollon Limassol FCApollon Limassol FCCYPUEFA Europa League00.0000.150
204AIK SolnaAIK SolnaSWEUEFA Europa League00.0000.150
205IF ElfsborgIF ElfsborgSWEUEFA Europa League00.0000.150
206HNK Hajduk SplitHNK Hajduk SplitCROUEFA Europa League00.0000.150
207Debreceni VSCDebreceni VSCHUNUEFA Europa League00.0000.150
208FK VojvodinaFK VojvodinaSRBUEFA Europa League00.0000.150
209FC Dinamo MinskFC Dinamo MinskBLRUEFA Europa League00.0000.125
210FC BATE BorisovFC BATE BorisovBLRUEFA Champions League00.0000.125
211KF SkënderbeuKF SkënderbeuALBUEFA Champions League00.0000.125
212FC Milsami OrheiFC Milsami OrheiMDAUEFA Champions League00.0000.125
213FK KukësiFK KukësiALBUEFA Europa League00.0000.125
214FK RabotnickiFK RabotnickiMKDUEFA Europa League00.0000.100
215Aberdeen FCAberdeen FCSCOUEFA Europa League00.0000.100
216Celtic FCCeltic FCSCOUEFA Champions League00.0000.100
217FC Steaua BucureştiFC Steaua BucureştiROUUEFA Champions League00.0000.075
218Maccabi Tel-Aviv FCMaccabi Tel-Aviv FCISRUEFA Champions League00.0000.075
219FC Astra GiurgiuFC Astra GiurgiuROUUEFA Europa League00.0000.075
220ASA Tîrgu MureşASA Tîrgu MureşROUUEFA Europa League00.0000.075
221Hapoel Kiryat Shmona FCHapoel Kiryat Shmona FCISRUEFA Europa League00.0000.075
222HJK HelsinkiHJK HelsinkiFINUEFA Champions League00.0000.050
223SK Rapid WienSK Rapid WienAUTUEFA Champions League00.0000.000
224FC SalzburgFC SalzburgAUTUEFA Champions League00.0000.000
225BSC Young BoysBSC Young BoysSUIUEFA Champions League00.0000.000
226AC Sparta PrahaAC Sparta PrahaCZEUEFA Champions League00.0000.000
227SK Sturm GrazSK Sturm GrazAUTUEFA Europa League00.0000.000
228FC ZürichFC ZürichSUIUEFA Europa League00.0000.000
229FK JablonecFK JablonecCZEUEFA Europa League00.0000.000
230FC Basel 1893FC Basel 1893SUIUEFA Champions League00.0000.000
231FC SionFC SionSUIUEFA Europa League00.0000.000
232SCR AltachSCR AltachAUTUEFA Europa League00.0000.000
233FC ThunFC ThunSUIUEFA Europa League00.0000.000
234FC Slovan LiberecFC Slovan LiberecCZEUEFA Europa League00.0000.000
235FC Viktoria PlzeňFC Viktoria PlzeňCZEUEFA Champions League00.0000.000
236Wolfsberger ACWolfsberger ACAUTUEFA Europa League00.0000.000
Last updated: 31/07/2015 10:33 CET

How to read the ranking

The season club coefficient rankings are based on the results of clubs competing in the current UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League season. The rankings, combined with those of the previous four seasons, determine the seeding for each club in all UEFA competition draws.

UEFA Champions League points system
First qualifying round elimination – 0.5 points
Second qualifying round elimination – 1 point
Group stage participation – 4 points
Group stage win – 2 points
Group stage draw – 1 point
Round of 16 participation – 4 points

Clubs are awarded an additional point if they reach the round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals or final.

N.B. Points are not awarded for elimination in the third qualifying round or play-offs, since those clubs move to the UEFA Europa League and are awarded points for participation in that competition.

UEFA Europa League points system
First qualifying round elimination – 0.25 points
Second qualifying round elimination – 0.5 points
Third qualifying round elimination – 1 point
Play-off elimination – 1.5 points
Group stage win – 2 points
Group stage draw – 1 point

Clubs are guaranteed a minimum of two points if they reach the group stage and are awarded an additional point if they get to the quarter-finals, semi-finals or final.

* Penalty shoot-outs do not affect the calculation system.

Coefficient calculation
Clubs' coefficients are determined by the sum of all points won in the current season, plus 20% of the association coefficient over the same period.

These rankings will be updated after each round of UEFA club competition matches.

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