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Eleven values

Published: Saturday 2 January 2010, 16.58CET
Eleven values
UEFA President Michel Platini presented the eleven key values during the March 2009 Congress in Copenhagen ©
Published: Saturday 2 January 2010, 16.58CET

Eleven values

UEFA works and acts in accordance with eleven key values – appropriately the same number as the number of players in a football team.

The eleven values were first presented to representatives of UEFA's member national associations, delegates from the world football family and guests at the XXXIII Ordinary UEFA Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark in March 2009.

Each of the eleven values should serve as the basis for UEFA's future activities and dialogue, on behalf of European football, with the political, economic, social and sporting world.

They include the emphasis that football, and the need to defend its interests, must always be the first and most important element that UEFA takes into consideration in its work. UEFA should show leadership, but operate in consensus with all of football's stakeholders.

There is a commitment to good governance – openness, democracy, transparency and responsibility, with UEFA defending the autonomy of sports structures. The nurturing of football's grassroots, strengthening of solidarity within the game, and preserving football's identity and essential soul at all levels, are all important aspects of the European body's work.

Within its eleven values, UEFA pledges to protect youngsters, in particular minors, as part of a moral responsibility with respect to the risks involved in international transfers abroad when young people are under the age of 18. It commits itself to the protecting of sporting integrity against negative phenomena – such as illegal betting, corruption and match-fixing – and the proper running of UEFA's competitions, in order to preserve the true spirit of the game.

UEFA is determined that its financial fair play measures will bring greater stability to club football, and end the financial indiscipline and excesses that have marred the game and endangered the existence of many clubs, and its values include a pledge to protect sporting competition and the clubs themselves.

The balance between national team and club football should be maintained as part of UEFA's values, as they are seen as crucial complementary aspects of the game. In addition, an atmosphere of respect should prevail throughout football – respect for the game, integrity, diversity, dignity, players' health, rules, the referee, opponents and supporters – with no tolerance shown towards racism, violence and doping.

Finally, among its key values, UEFA commits to defending the specificity of sport, as well as the European model of sport based on promotion and relegation, the solidarity principle, and open competitions and opportunity for all.

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