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Ronaldo Rocket

Published: Thursday 29 October 2009, 17.23CET
Published: Thursday 29 October 2009, 17.23CET

Ronaldo Rocket


TG_Ronaldo Rocket

Woody 1
Hi, I am Woody. Welcome to the UEFA Champions League Skill School.
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Woody 2
UEFA Training Ground - taking skills to a new level.
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Woody 3
Ok, we are going to take you through the Ronaldo rocket and give you some basic points to help you with the technique. First of all, Ronaldo will grab the ball and place it on the floor so the valve is facing towards him. He tries to strike the ball on the valve because that is the hardest part of the ball. It helps the ball to travel faster in the air, and makes it more difficult for the goalkeeper as well. Another thing to think about is what he does when he places the ball down. He will make a divot in the ground, place the ball in it, and then as he strikes the ball, because there is a little divot under the ball, this makes the ball jump up and he also gets a bit more dip on the ball.
So we are in that position there. Valve on the ball facing towards us... He then takes a certain amount of steps back... he sets himself... and when he does this he is pretty much directly in line with where he wants the ball to go. So if I wanted the ball to go towards that post there, I actually stand straight behind it, here. It is quite a hard technique to master, and it feels quite uncomfortable when you are about to strike the ball, because naturally you would usually like to have a little bit of an angle, because then obviously your body shape can help you to strike the ball. But he stands directly behind it. As he runs up to the ball, he is then aiming to strike the ball completely straight with his foot. He lifts his foot slightly off the ground, so he punches through the ball with the laces, straight through the centre of the valve, and that is what gains the power that he gets on his free kicks.
So if we give it a go, standing from this position here – again, making sure that I connect with the laces through the valve - and if I do so, hopefully we get this... ok...?
We are going to a have a few attempts ourselves. I will put the ball down for you. Wulfy, do you want to have a go first....?
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Woody 4
Ok, there are a couple of points that we have not spoken about which are very important: When Ronaldo strikes the ball, he has hardly got any back-lift. This is how far you bring your leg back. Very, very short and very sharp. At the moment of impact, when he strikes the ball, the only part of his leg that moves is below the knee, and again, a very short back-lift. Ready?
To give you an example...
Alright, let's all give it a go ourselves, take it in turns, and see if we can master the Ronaldo Rocket!
Are we ready? Go on Wulfy, you go first.
(34 secs)

Woody 5
Great strike Wulfy. And that is our guide to the Ronaldo Rocket. Give it a go.
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