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Maarten Stekelenburg star skill

Published: Wednesday 3 November 2010, 16.12CET
Published: Wednesday 3 November 2010, 16.12CET

Maarten Stekelenburg star skill

STEKELENBURG 1 (Dutch): Hi, I’m Maarten Stekelenburg… Welcome to the UEFA Training Ground… This is my guide to commanding your penalty area. (6 secs)

STEKELENBURG 2 (Dutch): There is nothing better for a defender than to know that the goalkeeper who is playing behind them is the boss in the penalty area. (5 secs)

STEKELENBURG 3 (Dutch): Today I will give you some advice on how to improve this aspect of your game. (4 secs)

STEKELENBURG 4 (Dutch): There are four things you have to remember. (2 secs)

STEKELENBURG 5 (Dutch): First; your position. (2 secs)

STEKELENBURG 6 (Dutch): Second; your judgment. (2 secs)

STEKELENBURG 7 (Dutch): Third; your technique. (2 secs)

STEKELENBURG 8 (Dutch): And fourth; communication with your defenders. (3 secs)

STEKELENBURG 9 (Dutch): Let’s go through them one by one. (2 secs)

STEKELENBURG 10 (Dutch): It is always important that you know where you are standing in relation to the ball, and that you also keep a good eye on your defenders, and the attackers. (6 secs)

STEKELENBURG 11 (Dutch): An important point to remember is that at any moment when a player has the ball he can shoot at goal. And the most important thing then is that you defend your goal; that's the biggest task, and the most important task of the goalkeeper. (8 secs)

STEKELENBURG 12 (Dutch):  If the ball comes from my right side, then it’s important that you are positioned well. As far out of the goal as possible, but not so much that they can shoot the ball past you. (8 secs)

STEKELENBURG 13 (Dutch): Another important tip is when the defender takes the near post and you take the far post it reduces the scoring chances for the forward. So the most important thing is that you adapt your position. Don’t forget to talk with your defenders before the match and also in training; that's very important.  (14 secs)

STEKELENBURG 14 (Dutch): As you can see, he has much less chance of scoring this way. ( 3 secs)

STEKELENBURG 15 (Dutch): The moment a forward breaks through and comes towards you in a one on one situation, you try to make the goal as small as possible. I think it is most important to stay standing and that you don’t guess, because by staying on your feet you make it more difficult for the forward. You should give the forward as many options as possible so he starts doubting himself, and that's the moment when a goalkeeper should strike. (17 secs)

STEKELENBURG 16 (Dutch): There are various stances... at the moment when there is a shot from outside the box, you will normally be standing up a bit straighter than in a one on one situation... when someone’s coming towards you in a one on one you try to crouch as low as possible so you can always react. Because the reaction time is shorter when someone gets closer, so I would crouch a bit lower. (18 secs)

STEKELENBURG 17 (Dutch): Your position at a corner kick depends on whether it’s a left footed player or a right footed player taking the corner, so whether it’s an inswinging or outswinging corner. When it’s inswinging you should move a bit closer to goal to defend your goal, if it’s outswinging you can stand a bit further away, maybe about 3 to 4 metres. (12 secs)

STEKELENBURG 18 (Dutch): The most important thing is to grab the ball at the highest point.  (2 secs)

STEKELENBURG 19 (Dutch): When you catch the ball, it’s best to put your thumbs behind it, like this, so you always secure the ball and it cannot slip through your hands. (6 secs)

STEKELENBURG 20 (Dutch): It’s also important to defend yourself well against the attackers. The best thing to do is to use your knee as you go for the ball. (4 secs)

STEKELENBURG 21 (Dutch): Another very important thing, in situations when a high ball comes in and you decide to come out, is that you make yourself heard. I always use the word ‘leave’, and the best thing is to shout it really loud. Defenders then know you’re coming out, and attackers might be scared off. But everybody knows you’re going for that ball. (17 secs)

STEKELENBURG 22 (Dutch): The most important thing for a goalkeeper is to stop the ball, but every new attack often starts with the goalkeeper too. So first you need to be very sharp in terms of stopping balls, and when that happens, you look and see where your teammates are, if they are free, and if you can start an attack. The ideal situation is to make a save, and then immediately distribute the ball and a goal is scored from that. But I never take too many risks in that sense. (20 secs)

STEKELENBURG 23 (Dutch):  The most important thing with throwing is that you have to put the right power behind it, so the ball will be at the right weight, so the defender can immediately continue with the ball. (6 secs)

STEKELENBURG 24 (Dutch): If we are attacking and the ball is in the opponent’s half I try to stand as far as possible outside my box... and do lots of talking to position the defenders, so if we lose the ball the opposition can’t start a counterattack because we are standing in the right positions. And it’s best that you stand a long way from goal yourself so that when a long pass comes you can clear it.  (21 secs)

STEKELENBURG 25 (Dutch): Thanks for watching… that was my guide on how to control the penalty area in the best way. All I want to say now is, go and get started on it, have fun, and I’ll see you next time. (7 secs)

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