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TactX Blackburn

Published: Friday 15 October 2010, 18.03CET
Published: Friday 15 October 2010, 18.03CET

TactX Blackburn

Presenter 1: TactX is the training tool that is revolutionising coaching, allowing users to create and store training drills as well as conduct tactical planning and match analysis, using state-of-the-art 3D graphics... Since its launch in 2010, a growing number of clubs in the UK have started to incorporate TactX into their planning... One such club is Blackburn Rovers FC - the Premier League outfit have been one of its leading advocates, with four TactX Animator licences and a TactX Video Exporter being used in their coaching, analysis and fitness departments... We visited Ewood Park to find out more about how TactX is helping the Lancashire club. (42 secs)

Paul Brand 1 (English) : One of the main things that we felt we could utilise it for was basically replicating our set plays, which rarely change; we try and drill home to the players what runs they should be making, where their starting positions are, and we try and get those kind of really lodged into their heads, so they don't forget them, basically. So what we did was, we replicated all our set plays for and against, and we basically run that on a loop, and we show it to the players generally before games, to try and get them thinking about what runs they should be making and things like that, and we went as far as placing their initials on the... like, holding the screen for 5 seconds and having their initials on it, so they can just track their own individual runs. So it's been effective in that way, yes. (52 secs)

Morten Gamst Pedersen 1 (English): Yes, it's good for us. Obviously we're working on the pitch as well, but just to see where you are going to run and get the final details ready before you go out, to remember everything. So it's an important thing for us; set pieces are a big part of our game and scores a lot of goals, so it's good to have everything right when you're going out. (14 secs)

Paul Brand 2 (English): It's really big, yes, I mean, the difference is now that, although we can stick up the starting positions for the set plays, without TactX we couldn't replicate the runs and go over them and analyse them as much. So in terms of... foreign players, or new players to the club, kind of showing them what we want from our set plays, what is our standard kind of procedure. That's what we've used it for, and it's been great. A lot of the foreign players stand and look at the screen and take it all in, it's a lot easier to read, you know. (30 secs)

Morten Gamst Pedersen 2 (English): Yes.... you can actually physically see where the player is going to run, if he's going to run at the far post, near post... who is on the edge and everything. So you see all those things, where they are going to move, like you wouldn't see if you just put it on a piece of paper and put a name down and an arrow; this way you can actually see where the coach has put the plays, where they want them to run. (20 secs)

Presenter 2: As well as being a valuable tool at elite level, TactX can also be just as useful for grassroots coaches... One coach who has reaped the benefits of the application is Charlie Jackson... Jackson trains youngsters aged 6 to 14 at Blackburn's youth academy, where he uses his own Matrix coaching system, and since discovering TactX now uses it to form the majority of the sessions he takes at the club. (26 secs)

Charlie Jackson 1 (English): I would design 90% of my sessions on there. Obviously some of it has to come through talk... But it would take me roughly around about between 3 and 7 minutes to do a session, depending on the complexity of it, and how many children you're using.... And I think the added advantage with TactX is that you can set up one or four or five sessions on the same pitch, which is unique, which I have not seen before. So that alone, makes it in a league of its own really. I use it mainly for my sessions with the children in terms of... more so with new children that you get through, because there are not conditioned to this type of work, and because kids can relate to Playstation games and Xbox games, they sort of tend to watch, and within 5 to 10 minutes - kids have got minds like sponges - they absorb it, and then they can put it onto the training ground. (52 secs)

Simon Ireland 1 (English): Different kids, in terms of the Matrix that Charlie delivers, I think some kids pick it up easily – and for the ones that might not be able to do it straight away, certainly any kind of visual aid which helps them understand the quick movements that are involved has got to be beneficial. (13 secs)

Charlie Jackson 2 (English): I think the major benefits: it's 3 dimensional, it stands out from most of the coaching tools that are out there, in terms of when you're orchestrating a session like mine, doing it 2 dimensional is easy and it will still have its effects; but to do it in TactX just makes it come to life, almost film like, very 3 dimensional... by moving the angles and changing the overview it's almost like a video. So yes it's very beneficial. I think the angles are brilliant. Because you can actually go at player level and actually see it from a player's eyes, which for me, from a coaches perspective is fantastic. It's literally like being on the pitch. By hitting it at ground level, you can see all the different perspectives, and what the person sees in front of you. Which is again... normally it would be a 2D image, this is in 3D because it gives you whole 360 degrees and a panoramic view as well. (58 secs)

Simon Ireland 2 (English): It's been shown that children and players learn in different ways. So to have a visual tool as well as just a voice communication from the coach, a lot of players need that visual aid to understand what's expected of them, certainly tactically, on a football field. (14 secs)

Presenter 3: To find out how you can sign up for TactX yourself and for more information on the application that is sweeping the coaching world, visit the UEFA Training Ground now. (9 secs)


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