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Lionel Messi in focus

Published: Sunday 30 January 2011, 18.45CET
Published: Sunday 30 January 2011, 18.45CET

Lionel Messi in focus

Presenter 1:
One of the finest players of his generation, Lionel Messi’s place at the forefront of the annuls of history is already assured… a UEFA Champions League and Spanish league winner with FC Barcelona, the Argentinian superstar also has a glittering list of individual honours to his name including the Ballon d’Or and UEFA Champions League player of the year… it is a career that began in Rosario, Santa Fe and, as Messi reveals, football was always something that came naturally.  (35 seconds)

Messi 1 ES:
At a young age you could always find me with a ball; in my house, in my neighbourhood, I always had a ball with me. (8 Secs)

Messi 2 ES:
My father was a coach at the club Grandoli where I played at first – that’s where all my family played. My brother played there as well, and we spent the weekends there together. My father was a coach there, but it didn’t have much influence on us, as we were still very young. We had a great team, we won all our matches 4-0 or 5-0. It was a nice episode of my life, with the whole family all there at that club. (28 Secs)

Messi 3 ES:
The truth is that I never had a footballer that I was fixed on, or measured myself against. Of course Maradona for all us Argentineans is an impressive and special person, but I didn’t have the luck to watch him play live when I was a child. I couldn’t enjoy what he did, only on video, as something historic. But I didn’t follow a specific footballer; I have always grown in my own way, with my own conditions. (34 Secs)

Presenter 2 ES:
Messi was snapped up by Barcelona when he was 13, making his league debut for the Catalan giants at the age of just 17… it didn’t take long for him to show glimpses of the traits which would light up stadiums in Spain and all over the world in subsequent years, such as his ability to go past players and his vision on the pitch, qualities which he honed with endless hours of practice on the training pitch.(28 seconds)

Messi 4 ES:
I don’t know. Every player is different, and each one has his own abilities. I think that a player with certain characteristics and abilities can still improve himself and continue to learn things, but I think that we are all different, and we all do it in our own way. As for what a player needs in this position, I don’t know. Any player can play in any position. (28 Secs)

Messi 5 ES:
I also think this is something that can be improved, during training, doing exercises and learning it at a young age. But I also think when you are young, either you have it or you don’t have it. (12 Secs)

Presenter 3:
One of Messi’s most impressive factors down the years has been his ability in front of goal… 38 goals in 51 games in all competitions during the 2008/09 season was followed by 47 in 53 a year later, before eclipsing the 50 mark in 2010/11… a winner of the European Golden Shoe, his goals include UEFA Champions League final efforts for Barcelona in the 2009 and 2011 finals and, as he told us, his appetite for goals is as strong as ever (37 seconds)

Messi 6 ES:
First of all, it’s due to the style that the team plays. The number of chances that we create in attack makes it easier to score, so I have more chances when we get to the opponents goal. Another aspect is the confidence I have now. Maybe when I started, in my first year, it took me some time to score, and it was difficult for me to get close to the opponents goal. It just took me more effort, but now with the confidence I have, it’s a lot easier. (27 Secs)

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