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Stamps depict host cities

Published: Wednesday 21 April 2004, 6.22CET
The match venues for UEFA EURO 2004™ have been commemorated on a new stamp collection.
Published: Wednesday 21 April 2004, 6.22CET

Stamps depict host cities

The match venues for UEFA EURO 2004™ have been commemorated on a new stamp collection.

CTT Correios de Portugal, a national partner of UEFA EURO 2004™, has introduced a philatelic collection entitled' Host Cities of UEFA EURO 2004™'. It celebrates the venues that will host tournament matches, giving special attention to the historic heritage of each city.

Historic stamps
Each stamp has a different image of a football player in the moment of striking the ball in the foreground together with a symbol of every host city in the background. The symbols are: the Bom Jesus sanctuary in Braga, the D Afonso Henriques monument in Guimarães, the Maria Pia Bridge in Porto, a Moliceiro boat in Aveiro, the University Tower in Coimbra, the Belém Tower in Lisbon and a typical Algarve chimney for Faro-Loulé.

Special ceremony
A ceremony featuring representatives of local authorities and members of CTT’s Board of Administration was held in each city to mark the release. The ceremony kicked off the circulation of the eight new stamps, which have a value of €0,30 each.

More collections
'Host cities of UEFA EURO 2004™', is the fourth stamp collection in circulation commemorating the tournament. The other three show the EURO 2004™ logo, the stadium projects and Roteiro, the official ball of the tournament. There are a further three collections still to come depicting the national teams, the stadiums and the final.

Wide audience
In total, the CTT programme will release 75 different stamps. As each stamp will have an average edition of 750,000 units which will each normally be viewed by 20 people, according to specialised studies, it is expected that the collections will reach an audience of more than one billion people.

Philatelic enthusiasts
CTT has also created a special album to complement the CTT EURO 2004™ stamp collections, and enthusiasts can have their new parcels stamped with the composite logo of the 'Host Cities' collection.

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