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Gibraltar 'determined' to succeed

Published: Wednesday 1 December 2010, 18.24CET
UEFA Training Ground finds out how Gibraltar are preparing to succeed on the pitch after becoming UEFA's 54 member association in 2013.
Published: Wednesday 1 December 2010, 18.24CET

Gibraltar 'determined' to succeed

UEFA Training Ground finds out how Gibraltar are preparing to succeed on the pitch after becoming UEFA's 54 member association in 2013.

Allen Bula (EN) 1: Obviously it’s a massive feeling, a great feeling, something that we’ve been working on for many years now. Finally it’s here, we’re part of the UEFA family and obviously for the players in Gibraltar it’s more development obviously all the help that we can get for the players and eventually, a lot of players who can have their dream of becoming professional so obviously, it’s a great, great feeling. (25 seconds)

PRESENTER 1: The 24th of May 2013 will forever be remembered as an historic date for football in Gibraltar – the day that the country became the 54th member association of UEFA. Despite only being a nation of 30,000 people, football has long been a passion in the territory and they’re determined to deliver out on the pitch. (20 seconds)

David Ochello (EN) 1: Well the numbers show themselves. I mean, we’ve got over 600 teams at youth level and it’s the most popular sport back home. (10 seconds)

Allen Bula (EN) 2: Gibraltar’s never experienced anything like it before. The players have never experienced anything like the physical and mental strain of a player is something they’ve never experienced before because next September on a Tuesday we could be playing against Germany and four days later we could be playing against say Belgium, or England…which England is my dream to play at Wembley. (20 seconds)

PRESENTER 2: Gibraltar first bared their teeth on the international stage in memorable fashion, getting a draw against Slovakia in their debut official senior fixture in November. It’s hoped that having players to look up to will inspire more youngsters to take up the game. (14 seconds)

Allen Bula (EN) 3: It’s massive really because they’re already speaking about it and obviously the young players which are the future of Gibraltar, before they didn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel so many of the top players used to drop out and go to other sports. Now they’re realising, now they know what’s there, they know the potential that’s there and for them, seeing us that we’re going to be up against the English or the Germans, that’s where they want to be now. (27 seconds)

PRESENTER 3: Another key priority for the Gibraltar football association is improving the level of coaching and coach education, something it’s hoped will have a knock-on effect on the overall standard of football from the grassroots level upwards. (12 seconds)

David Ochello (EN) 2: We have to pull our socks up really. Everyone’s going to get challenged at these tournaments and it’s an opportunity for us as coaches to carry on developing, doing our coaching badges and at the same time going back home and trying to increase the level of football at home with the kids. (14 seconds)

David Ochello (EN) 3: Well, they’ve had to accept the new, professional approach. I mean, for many of them, they’ve never travelled abroad for any sort of competition and trying to get all of this together for these new tournaments has been great. (15 seconds)

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