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Five hundred days to go

Published: Wednesday 29 January 2003, 23.20CET
With 500 days to go to until the kick off of UEFA EURO 2004™ kick-off much progress has already been made.
Published: Wednesday 29 January 2003, 23.20CET

Five hundred days to go

With 500 days to go to until the kick off of UEFA EURO 2004™ kick-off much progress has already been made.

With 500 days to go to until the kick-off of UEFA EURO 2004™, Euro 2004, S.A. today expressed its satisfaction regarding how the tournament's organisation is progressing.

Important day
"This is a very important day for us in several areas," said Dr Gilberto Madaíl, chairman of Euro 2004, S.A. "We are completely calm about every aspect concerning stadia building and tournament organisation because everything is on schedule."

'In good shape'
The UEFA EURO 2004™ Chief Operations Officer, Martin Kallen, said: "We are in good shape to reach 12 June 2004 and have everything in place to host the 16 countries and provide football fans with the most exciting football matches possible. Five hundred days [to go] means that we have done much, yet there is also a great amount of things still to be done. We have yet to have work meetings and set up promotional operations and sponsor deals. So lots of hard work still waits for us. We are a big football family, which will grow even further in the process."

Main issues
Questioned about what will be the next major organisational issues to be dealt, Kallen added: "Firstly, security matters, especially stewarding. From now on, we will work more closely with the Portuguese government regarding stewarding courses. Secondly, we will focus on stadia accessibility and public transportation and, thirdly, working more tightly with every stadia on aspects such as parking, VIP hospitality, dressing rooms and seating."

Training facilities
Euro 2004, S.A. also today unveiled a list of 25 training facilities recommended by the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) and financially supported by the tournament organisation company which will host the 16 finalists (who will also be able to chose other training facilities for their tournament camps).

Ticketing operations
Ticketing operations for the tournament which will start at the end of March 2003 with the unveiling of a ticket lounge and then the launch of online sales on the website. "I am convinced that the first 400,000 tickets available will be sold very quickly," said Dr Madaíl.

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