• The season in review / 90’s - final episode of the history of European club competition

    The highlights that have marked the 2005/06 season – from all over Europe – England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal… [UEFA Cup Final, Football, Soccer, UEFA, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup, Supercup, referee, coach, great players, EURO 2008, World Cup, Premier league, Bundesliga, Seria A, Primera liga]
    Monday 22 May 2006 10.20CET
  • Towards the finals/Grassroots and youth football insight/80s in European football flash back

    Youth tournaments prepare a hot football summer [Football, Soccer, UEFA, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup, Supercup, referee, coach, great players, EURO 2008, World Cup, Under-21, youth football]
    Tuesday 9 May 2006 11.41CET
  • Road to the Finals / League reports / 70s in European football flash back

    The finals, League reports from England, Germany, Spain, France, Portugal, Russia… 70’s and Dutch ‘Total football’ [Football, soccer, UEFA, uefa champions league, champions league, uefa cup, supercup, Premier league, la liga, primera liga, bundesliga, referee, coach, great players, euro 2008, world cup]
    Friday 28 April 2006 13.30CET
  • The kings of the track-suit / 60's in European footbal flashback

    All about coaching from the best in Europe: Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsène Wenger, José Mourinho, Manuel Pellegrini and our correspondents... [Football, Soccer, UEFA]
    Thursday 20 April 2006 16.22CET
  • April update/Fifty years of European club competitions

    It all started in the 1950s [Football, Soccer, UEFA]
    Thursday 13 April 2006 10.25CET
  • Racism in and around football

    Racism as an endemic problem in European football[Football, Soccer, UEFA, Racism in football, anti-racism]
    Tuesday 4 April 2006 17.16CET
  • The men in the middle / Quarter-finals update

    European football warms up for quarter finals of major competitions[Football, Soccer, UEFA, Quarter-finals, UEFA Champiosn League, UEFA CUP, Referees]
    Wednesday 22 March 2006 12.00CET
  • Money, money, money makes football go round

    Football as one of the most lucrative business[Football, Soccer, UEFA]
    Monday 13 March 2006 18.30CET
  • March update and Team of the Year

    uefa.com wrap up of top European football events in February[Football, Soccer, UEFA Champions League, UEFA CUP]
    Friday 3 March 2006 12.00CET
  • February Update

    uefa.com preview of the season restart[Football, Soccer, UEFA Champions League, UEFA CUP]
    Wednesday 15 February 2006 13.00CET

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