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The Minho region

The Minho region
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The Minho region

Located in the north of Portugal, the Minho region famous for its forests, vineyards and lush green landscape, specked with picturesque villages and grand manor houses. Braga is the main city of an area famed for its hospitality and cuisine, with no trip to the Minho complete without trying Caldo Verde soup, sarrabulho and pork rojões.

Places to see:
Portugal's only national park was founded in 1971 and is a place of outstanding beauty.

Bom Jesus do Monte
In Tenoes, on the outskirts of Braga, this pilgrimage site is famous for its 116-metre high baroque stairway.

Monte de Santa Luzia
A magnificent view and a stunning neo-Byzantine church can be found at the top of this mountain near Viana do Castelo.


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