Match log

22.07.2016Romanian First Division VoluntariVoluntari0-1ViitorulViitorul9000
31.07.2016Romanian First Division ViitorulViitorul1-3SteauaSteaua9000
07.08.2016Romanian First Division Gaz MetanGaz Metan2-1ViitorulViitorul9010
14.08.2016Romanian First Division ViitorulViitorul3-1Târgu MureşTârgu Mureş000
19.08.2016Romanian First Division IaşiIaşi0-0ViitorulViitorul9000
Last updated: 20/08/2016 02:03 CET


* CFR 1907 Cluj have had 6 point(s) deducted
* ASA 2013 Târgu Mureş have had 6 point(s) deducted
* ACS Poli Timișoara have had 14 point(s) deducted
Last updated: 26/08/2016 18:50 CET