Match log

18.07.2015Polish First Division LechLech1-2PogońPogoń9000
25.07.2015Polish First Division LechLech2-1LechiaLechia9010
01.08.2015Polish First Division WisłaWisła2-0LechLech2500
08.08.2015Polish First Division LechLech0-0KoronaKorona7100
14.08.2015Polish First Division ZagłębieZagłębie2-1LechLech9010
26.09.2015Polish First Division LechLech1-1Górnik ZabrzeGórnik Zabrze1100
04.10.2015Polish First Division CracoviaCracovia5-2LechLech4600
Last updated: 05/10/2015 12:16 CET


* Wisła Kraków have had 1 point(s) deducted
* Górnik Zabrze have had 1 point(s) deducted
Last updated: 25/01/2016 15:10 CET