Eric Pereira

  • Date of birth : 05/02/1985
  • Position : Midfield
  • Country : Brazil Brazil

Match log

23.07.2016Romanian First Division Gaz MetanGaz Metan2-1Târgu MureşTârgu Mureş3200
29.07.2016Romanian First Division Politehnica IaşiPolitehnica Iaşi3-1Gaz MetanGaz Metan4500
07.08.2016Romanian First Division Gaz MetanGaz Metan2-1ViitorulViitorul9000
22.08.2016Romanian First Division Gaz MetanGaz Metan0-0BotoşaniBotoşani7100
09.09.2016Romanian First Division Gaz MetanGaz Metan1-3PanduriiPandurii9000
19.09.2016Romanian First Division AstraAstra0-2Gaz MetanGaz Metan9000
22.09.2016Romanian First Division Gaz MetanGaz Metan1-1Poli TimișoaraPoli Timișoara9000
26.09.2016Romanian First Division CFR ClujCFR Cluj1-1Gaz MetanGaz Metan1500
01.10.2016Romanian First Division Gaz MetanGaz Metan1-0VoluntariVoluntari9000
16.10.2016Romanian First Division FCSBFCSB0-1Gaz MetanGaz Metan9000
22.10.2016Romanian First Division Gaz MetanGaz Metan2-2U CraiovaU Craiova9000
30.10.2016Romanian First Division Târgu MureşTârgu Mureş1-3Gaz MetanGaz Metan9010
04.11.2016Romanian First Division Gaz MetanGaz Metan2-1Politehnica IaşiPolitehnica Iaşi9000
21.11.2016Romanian First Division ViitorulViitorul1-1Gaz MetanGaz Metan9000
26.11.2016Romanian First Division Gaz MetanGaz Metan3-1ConcordiaConcordia9000
30.11.2016Romanian First Division BotoşaniBotoşani0-0Gaz MetanGaz Metan8300
05.12.2016Romanian First Division Gaz MetanGaz Metan4-0Dinamo BucureştiDinamo Bucureşti9000
10.12.2016Romanian First Division PanduriiPandurii2-5Gaz MetanGaz Metan9000
15.12.2016Romanian Cup Gaz MetanGaz Metan1-3Dinamo BucureştiDinamo Bucureşti9000
19.12.2016Romanian First Division Gaz MetanGaz Metan0-1AstraAstra6100
06.02.2017Romanian First Division Poli TimișoaraPoli Timișoara1-1Gaz MetanGaz Metan9000
11.02.2017Romanian First Division Gaz MetanGaz Metan1-2CFR ClujCFR Cluj7100
26.02.2017Romanian First Division Gaz MetanGaz Metan1-1FCSBFCSB9000
05.03.2017Romanian First Division U CraiovaU Craiova1-0Gaz MetanGaz Metan9000
19.03.2017Romanian First Division Gaz MetanGaz Metan0-0BotoşaniBotoşani6500
02.04.2017Romanian First Division VoluntariVoluntari2-2Gaz MetanGaz Metan8200
05.04.2017Romanian First Division Gaz MetanGaz Metan0-2Politehnica IaşiPolitehnica Iaşi5800
10.04.2017Romanian First Division ConcordiaConcordia1-1Gaz MetanGaz Metan7400
16.04.2017Romanian First Division Gaz MetanGaz Metan3-1PanduriiPandurii4510
20.04.2017Romanian First Division Poli TimișoaraPoli Timișoara1-0Gaz MetanGaz Metan9000
29.04.2017Romanian First Division Târgu MureşTârgu Mureş0-0Gaz MetanGaz Metan9000
07.05.2017Romanian First Division BotoşaniBotoşani0-0Gaz MetanGaz Metan7900
12.05.2017Romanian First Division Gaz MetanGaz Metan4-1VoluntariVoluntari9020
19.05.2017Romanian First Division Politehnica IaşiPolitehnica Iaşi1-0Gaz MetanGaz Metan8800
Last updated: 24/05/2017 02:08 CET


* CFR 1907 Cluj have had 6 point(s) deducted
* CS Pandurii Târgu Jiu have had 3 point(s) deducted
* ACS Poli Timișoara have had 14 point(s) deducted
* ASA Târgu Mureş have had 6 point(s) deducted

Final standings pending official confirmation
Last updated: 29/05/2017 20:50 CET