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M. HolonM. Holon0-4M. HaderaM. Hadera
ASA Tel-AvivASA Tel-Aviv0-8M. HaderaM. Hadera
M. HaderaM. Hadera4-3Maccabi Kiryat GatMaccabi Kiryat Gat
M. HaderaM. Hadera1-0H. Petach-TikvaH. Petach-Tikva
Bnei SakhninBnei Sakhnin0-6M. HaderaM. Hadera
M. HaderaM. Hadera1-0Girls Soccer AcademyGirls Soccer Academy
M. Beer ShevaM. Beer Sheva2-9M. HaderaM. Hadera
M. HaderaM. Hadera0-1Ramat HasharonRamat Hasharon
M. HaderaM. Hadera4-0M. HolonM. Holon
M. HaderaM. Hadera6-1ASA Tel-AvivASA Tel-Aviv
Maccabi Kiryat GatMaccabi Kiryat Gat3-0M. HaderaM. Hadera
H. Petach-TikvaH. Petach-Tikva0-7M. HaderaM. Hadera
M. HaderaM. Hadera6-0Bnei SakhninBnei Sakhnin
Girls Soccer AcademyGirls Soccer Academy0-4M. HaderaM. Hadera
M. HaderaM. Hadera12-1M. Beer ShevaM. Beer Sheva
Ramat HasharonRamat Hasharon0-1M. HaderaM. Hadera
M. HaderaM. Hadera2-4Ramat HasharonRamat Hasharon
Maccabi Kiryat GatMaccabi Kiryat Gat1-0M. HaderaM. Hadera
M. HaderaM. Hadera5-2ASA Tel-AvivASA Tel-Aviv
H. Petach-TikvaH. Petach-Tikva3-0M. HaderaM. Hadera
Ramat HasharonRamat Hasharon1-1M. HaderaM. Hadera
M. HaderaM. Hadera1-2Maccabi Kiryat GatMaccabi Kiryat Gat
ASA Tel-AvivASA Tel-Aviv1-0M. HaderaM. Hadera
M. HaderaM. Hadera2-1H. Petach-TikvaH. Petach-Tikva


* WFC Ramat Hasharon have had 38 point(s) awarded
* Maccabi Kiryat Gat have had 35 point(s) awarded
* Maccabi Hadera FC have had 42 point(s) awarded
* ASA Tel-Aviv University SC have had 35 point(s) awarded
* Hapoel Petach-Tikva FC have had 22 point(s) awarded
* Girls Soccer Academy have had 19 point(s) awarded
* Maccabi Holon FC have had 13 point(s) awarded
* Bnei Sakhnin FC have had 3 point(s) awarded
* Maccabi Beer Sheva FC have had 3 point(s) awarded
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