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Club record in UEFA competitions

  • Biggest win in UEFA competition:
    17/08/2010, Sporting Fingal 7-3 Kaghsi Yerevan, Kaunas
  • Biggest defeat in UEFA competition:
    29/09/2010, Târgu Mureş 8-2 Sporting Fingal, Tirgu-mures
  • Appearances in UEFA Futsal Cup:  1
  • Player with most UEFA appearances: 5
    Marcin Fornal ( Republic of Ireland IRL)
    Helio Neto ( Republic of Ireland IRL)
    Sergiu Musteata ( Republic of Ireland IRL)
    Rodrigo de Melo ( Brazil BRA)
    Ross Zambra ( Republic of Ireland IRL)
    Lima Fonseca ( Republic of Ireland IRL)
    Anderson Nunes ( Republic of Ireland IRL)
    Hygo Cezar ( Republic of Ireland IRL)
  • Top scorers in UEFA club competitions: 7
    Hygo Cezar ( Republic of Ireland IRL)