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Pogoñ 04Pogoñ 043-0MKF WieliczkaMKF Wieliczka
Pogoñ 04Pogoñ 041-2TorunTorun
Red Dragons PniewyRed Dragons Pniewy3-1Pogoñ 04Pogoñ 04
Pogoñ 04Pogoñ 049-2ChojniceChojnice
Uniwersytet KatowiceUniwersytet Katowice3-5Pogoñ 04Pogoñ 04
Pogoñ 04Pogoñ 044-5ChorzówChorzów
Bielsko-BiałaBielsko-Biała7-1Pogoñ 04Pogoñ 04
Chrobry GłogówChrobry Głogów2-6Pogoñ 04Pogoñ 04
Pogoñ 04Pogoñ 047-4GdanskiGdanski
Zdunska WolaZdunska Wola2-2Pogoñ 04Pogoñ 04
Pogoñ 04Pogoñ 040-2Nbit GliwiceNbit Gliwice
MKF WieliczkaMKF Wieliczka3-7Pogoñ 04Pogoñ 04
TorunTorun1-2Pogoñ 04Pogoñ 04
Pogoñ 04Pogoñ 042-2Red Dragons PniewyRed Dragons Pniewy
ChojniceChojnice1-2Pogoñ 04Pogoñ 04
Pogoñ 04Pogoñ 042-2Uniwersytet KatowiceUniwersytet Katowice
ChorzówChorzów4-3Pogoñ 04Pogoñ 04
Pogoñ 04Pogoñ 041-4Bielsko-BiałaBielsko-Biała
Pogoñ 04Pogoñ 044-3Chrobry GłogówChrobry Głogów
GdanskiGdanski3-3Pogoñ 04Pogoñ 04
Pogoñ 04Pogoñ 0411-3Zdunska WolaZdunska Wola
Nbit GliwiceNbit Gliwice6-2Pogoñ 04Pogoñ 04
TorunTorun5-1Pogoñ 04Pogoñ 04
ChorzówChorzów2-2Pogoñ 04Pogoñ 04
Pogoñ 04Pogoñ 043-3Bielsko-BiałaBielsko-Biała
Zdunska WolaZdunska Wola8-4Pogoñ 04Pogoñ 04
Pogoñ 04Pogoñ 045-1Nbit GliwiceNbit Gliwice


* Red Dragons Pniewy have had 15 point(s) awarded
* MZKS Chrobry Głogów have had 11 point(s) awarded
* AZS Uniwersytet Slaski Katowice have had 15 point(s) awarded
* AZS Uniwersytet Gdanski have had 11 point(s) awarded
* MKF Wieliczka have had 9 point(s) awarded
* Red Devils Chojnice have had 3 point(s) awarded
* Rekord Bielsko-Biała have had 27 point(s) awarded
* Zdunska Wola have had 24 point(s) awarded
* FC Torun have had 20 point(s) awarded
* Clearex Chorzów have had 16 point(s) awarded
* Pogoñ 04 Szczecin have had 17 point(s) awarded
* Nbit Gliwice have had 20 point(s) awarded
Last updated: 29/05/2017 23:20 CET


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