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Olimpia ClujOlimpia Cluj3-0Targu MuresTargu Mures
Asociația Club Sportiv HeniuAsociația Club Sportiv Heniu0-11Olimpia ClujOlimpia Cluj
Olimpia ClujOlimpia Cluj8-0Real CraiovaReal Craiova
Olimpia ClujOlimpia Cluj10-1NavobiNavobi
Baia MareBaia Mare0-6Olimpia ClujOlimpia Cluj
Olimpia ClujOlimpia Cluj10-0Vasas Femina OdorheiVasas Femina Odorhei
Asociația Fotbal Club Fair-PlayAsociația Fotbal Club Fair-Play0-4Olimpia ClujOlimpia Cluj
Targu MuresTargu Mures2-2Olimpia ClujOlimpia Cluj
Olimpia ClujOlimpia Cluj8-0Asociația Club Sportiv HeniuAsociația Club Sportiv Heniu
Real CraiovaReal Craiova0-2Olimpia ClujOlimpia Cluj
NavobiNavobi1-4Olimpia ClujOlimpia Cluj
Olimpia ClujOlimpia Cluj12-0Baia MareBaia Mare
Vasas Femina OdorheiVasas Femina Odorhei0-3Olimpia ClujOlimpia Cluj
Olimpia ClujOlimpia Cluj20-0Asociația Fotbal Club Fair-PlayAsociația Fotbal Club Fair-Play
Olimpia ClujOlimpia Cluj11-1Vasas Femina OdorheiVasas Femina Odorhei
Olimpia ClujOlimpia Cluj3-1Targu MuresTargu Mures
Vasas Femina OdorheiVasas Femina Odorhei1-7Olimpia ClujOlimpia Cluj
NavobiNavobi0-5Olimpia ClujOlimpia Cluj
Olimpia ClujOlimpia Cluj9-0NavobiNavobi
Targu MuresTargu Mures1-4Olimpia ClujOlimpia Cluj


* Olimpia Cluj Napoca have had 20 point(s) awarded
* FC ASA/Targu Mures have had 19 point(s) awarded
* CS Navobi Iaşi have had 11 point(s) awarded
* Vasas Femina Odorhei have had 11 point(s) awarded
* CS Real Craiova have had 10 point(s) awarded
* CS Independenta Baia Mare have had 5 point(s) awarded
* Asociația Fotbal Club Fair-Play have had 8 point(s) awarded
* ACS Heniu Prundu Bargaului have had 2 point(s) awarded
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