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First referee: Shota Kukhilava (GEO) - Second referee: Patrik Porkert (AUT)
Stadium: Palace of Culture and Sports, Varna (BUL)
08/09/2012 17:34:08
First referee: Marjan Markoski (MKD) - Second referee: Shota Kukhilava (GEO)
Stadium: Palace of Culture and Sports, Varna (BUL)
08/10/2012 10:05:14
Cardiff0-8Ibra Göteborg
First referee: Patrik Porkert (AUT) - Second referee: Marjan Markoski (MKD)
Stadium: Palace of Culture and Sports, Varna (BUL)
08/13/2012 15:18:04

Club record in UEFA competitions

  • Biggest defeat in UEFA competition:
    11/08/2012, Cardiff 0-8 Ibra Göteborg, Varna
  • Appearances in UEFA Futsal Cup:  1
  • Player with most UEFA appearances: 3
    Kevin Green ( England ENG)
    Douglas Reed ( England ENG)
    Alexander Dolman ( England ENG)
    Daniel Haralampous ( Wales WAL)
    Dean Maynard ( Wales WAL)
    Joe Dyer ( Wales WAL)
    Taylor Harding ( Wales WAL)
    Jonny Nelson ( Wales WAL)
    Tyler Mills ( Wales WAL)
    Matthew Croft ( England ENG)
  • Top scorers in UEFA club competitions: 1
    Daniel Haralampous ( Wales WAL)