SeasonCompetitionStageClub ProfilePWDL
2012UEFA European Football ChampionshipSemi-finalsSee details15933
2008-10FIFA World CupRound of 16 16862
2008UEFA European Football ChampionshipQuarter-finalsSee details18963
2004-06FIFA World CupThird-place play-off 191342
2004UEFA European Football ChampionshipFinalSee details6312
2000-02FIFA World CupGroup stage – final tournament 13832
2000UEFA European Football ChampionshipSemi-finalsSee details151122
1996-98FIFA World CupQualifying round 10541
1996UEFA European Football ChampionshipQuarter-finalsSee details14932
1992-94FIFA World CupQualifying round 10622
1992UEFA European Football ChampionshipPreliminary roundSee details8512
1988-90FIFA World CupQualifying round 8422
1988UEFA European Football ChampionshipPreliminary roundSee details8242
1984-86FIFA World CupGroup stage – final tournament 11605
1984UEFA European Football ChampionshipSemi-finalsSee details10622
1980-82FIFA World CupQualifying round 8314
1980UEFA European Football ChampionshipPreliminary roundSee details8413
1976-78FIFA World CupQualifying round 6411
1976UEFA European Football ChampionshipPreliminary roundSee details6231
1971-74FIFA World CupQualifying round 6231
1972UEFA European Football ChampionshipPreliminary roundSee details6312
1968/69FIFA World CupQualifying round 6123
1968UEFA European Football ChampionshipPreliminary roundSee details6222
1964/65FIFA World CupThird-place play-off 12912
1964UEFA European Football ChampionshipReplaySee details3102
1960/61FIFA World CupQualifying round 4112
1960UEFA European Football ChampionshipQuarter-finalsSee details4301
1956-58FIFA World CupQualifying round 4112
1953/54FIFA World CupQualifying round 2011
1949/50FIFA World CupQualifying round 2011
1937/38FIFA World CupQualifying round 1001
1933/34FIFA World CupQualifying round 2002

General info

  • Founded : 1914
  • Currently playing : European Championship 2014/2016, World Cup 2016/2018, Friendly matches 2014/2016

Team record in UEFA competitions

  • Biggest win:
    09/06/1999, Portugal 8-0 Liechtenstein, Coimbra
    18/12/1994, Portugal 8-0 Liechtenstein, Lisbon
  • Biggest defeat:
    27/04/1983, USSR 5-0 Portugal, Moscow
    30/04/1975, Czechoslovakia 5-0 Portugal, Prague
  • Appearances in UEFA European Football Championship: 15
  • Player with most appearances: 41
    Cristiano Ronaldo (POR)
  • Top scorers: 26
    Cristiano Ronaldo (POR)