Match log

The home team is listed first.Last updated: 23/09/2015 16:02 CET
Referee: Vera Opeykina (RUS) Stadium: Estadio Municipal Fornes de Algodres, Fornos de Algodres (POR)
10/07/2015 09:56:58
Referee: Vera Opeykina (RUS) Stadium: Seia Municipal Stadium, Seia (POR)
10/07/2015 09:57:07
Referee: Lorraine Clark (SCO) Stadium: Guarda Municipal Stadium, Guarda (POR)
10/07/2015 09:58:36

General info

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Team record in UEFA competitions

  • Biggest win:
    10/04/2014, Belarus 0-10 Portugal, Caldas da Rainha
  • Biggest defeat:
    28/09/2004, Finland 6-1 Portugal, Sabugal
  • Appearances in UEFA European Women's Under-19 Championship: 14
  • Player with most appearances: 25
    Vanessa Malho (POR)
  • Top scorers: 18
    Vanessa Malho (POR)