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Love conquers all for CSKA's Krašić

Published: Tuesday 23 February 2010, 10.13CET
PFC CSKA Moskva midfielder Miloš Krašić told readers "you have to love football" to succeed at the top as he fielded questions ahead of his side's first knockout round tie with Sevilla FC.
Love conquers all for CSKA's Krašić
Miloš Krašić believes his skills would be well suited to a career in Spain ©Getty Images features

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Published: Tuesday 23 February 2010, 10.13CET

Love conquers all for CSKA's Krašić

PFC CSKA Moskva midfielder Miloš Krašić told readers "you have to love football" to succeed at the top as he fielded questions ahead of his side's first knockout round tie with Sevilla FC.

With four goals in this season's UEFA Champions League, only Cristiano Ronaldo has outscored PFC CSKA Moskva midfielder Miloš Krašić. As the Russian club prepare to make their first knockout round debut against Sevilla FC, the 25-year-old Serbian international fielded users' questions in a readers' Q&A – discussing motivation, career-defining moments and a move to Spain.

How does it feel not only to be playing in the Champions League this season, but also to be right up there with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo in the top scorers' list?
Ognjen, Melbourne

Miloš Krašić: I'm very proud to be playing at such a high level and I do my best to improve in every training session and every game. I have to thank my team-mates for this as well – it is because of their work that I can play well.

How far can CSKA go in the Champions League?
Alan, Grimsby, England

Krašić: We have to take it step by step. All our thoughts are on our next opponents and we must not think any further ahead than that. We are all completely focused on Sevilla and then we will see what happens.

What is the best thing about living in Moscow?
Paul Stretter, Harare, Zimbabwe

Krašić: Moscow is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. When I came here it was very difficult for me, but the longer I spent in the city, the more I grew to love it and the situation got better. I adapted well and I'd like to thank my friends, like Elvir Rahimić and Ivica Olić, who showed me the city and helped me adapt. Now I am OK.

Can you tell me about your friendship with Liverpool-bound Standard Liège striker Milan Jovanović?
Aleksandar Stojanović

Krašić: He is my best friend and I have complete faith in him. I value our friendship. We first met when I was at my first club and at 17 we became friends. I confide in him and trust him and I know he is a very good player. I will even say he is a better player than me.

Which is your favourite goal in the Champions League and which for the Serbian national team?
Ivan Redžić

Krašić: In the Champions League, it was the second goal we scored against Wolfsburg when we won 2-1 [on Matchday 5] – that was a beautiful goal. For Serbia, it would have to be the first goal against Austria when we played them in Vienna [in October 2008].

You were a Vojvodina player, but which club do you like more: Partizan or Crvena Zvezda?
Goran Sušić

Krašić: The only club I support in Serbia is Vojvodina. That's where I started my career and they are the only team I support.

What keeps you motivated?
Martins Hartmanis, Riga, Latvia

Krašić: My family – my parents, my wife, my brother – and all the people who support and surround me. They give me the extra motivation to do everything. And I just try and do the best I possibly can.

What is it like to play for the Serbian national team? What is the atmosphere like among the players?
Drazen, Germany

Krašić: It's a great honour to play for Serbia and the atmosphere is very good because the team are playing very well and we are going through a good period in our history. Now the team are playing good football, putting in strong performances and showing our great quality. We're taking it step by step as we prepare for the World Cup.

What do you think are the Serbian national team's chances at the World Cup this summer?
Denis Kolar, United States

Krašić: I am thinking very positively. I'm an optimist at heart and for me the first game will be very important. We play Ghana and it will be like a small final. If we win, the atmosphere will get even better in the camp, and we can improve our performances from there.

Could you give me some tips on how to reach your level?
Mirko Kocic, Halmstad, Sweden

Krašić: First of all, you have to love football and work very hard in training every day; to do your best and prove every minute to the coach that you deserve to be picked. Only through hard work and this dedicated attitude can you reach the top levels.

What was the most important match of your career?
Konstantin Kirillov, Chuvashia, Russia

Krašić: Winning the UEFA Cup final in 2005, when we beat Sporting Lisbon. I played for the last 25 minutes and that was a great moment. I would also say when Serbia beat Romania to reach the World Cup finals; that was a huge moment for me too.

As a top player, would you prefer to be recognised for club accomplishments or representing Serbia in the finals of the World Cup?
Philip Kotur, New York

Krašić: I would rather be recognised for playing for both club and national team, as I have to prove that I am a quality player and deserve my place in both teams. They are connected – one thing goes with the other. You can't do well for your club without the national team taking notice and vice versa.

How strong is the Russian league?
Nicolas, France

Krašić: In the last few years, the Russian League has improved greatly and made big steps forward. Many Russian clubs have done well in the Champions League and UEFA Cup. The standard is improving and the fact that Russian players are now signing good contracts with top clubs across Europe is proof that the Russian league is moving in the right direction. In the last few years there has been a big improvement and I would say the Russian league now belongs in the top five in Europe.

There have been rumours you may leave CSKA this summer. Is this true and, if so, which club or league would you prefer to join?
Afif Hyder

Krašić: I have a contract with CSKA and they employ me. If someone makes the club an offer that they are happy with, I think the time has come for me to move on. I've been here for five and a half years and I think my time has come, but I repeat, only if it's a good offer for CSKA and for me. So we will see. I have given everything I could give for this club but I understand that the directors need to be happy with an offer before they accept it. Based on my style of play, I think Spain would be most suitable for me, but as I say, there must be an agreement between the two clubs involved.

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