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Luis Fabiano's lofty ambitions

Published: Monday 15 March 2010, 9.00CET
Luis Fabiano warned that Sevilla FC "cannot play in a conservative way in front of our supporters" as he spoke to users ahead of this week's second leg against PFC CSKA Moskva.
Luis Fabiano's lofty ambitions
Luis Fabiano missed the first leg against CSKA because of injury ©Getty Images
Published: Monday 15 March 2010, 9.00CET

Luis Fabiano's lofty ambitions

Luis Fabiano warned that Sevilla FC "cannot play in a conservative way in front of our supporters" as he spoke to users ahead of this week's second leg against PFC CSKA Moskva.

Luis Fabiano will be a prominent figure in the coming months as he spearheads Sevilla FC's challenge in the UEFA Champions League and the Liga, and will also lead the line for Brazil at this summer's FIFA World Cup. Next on that busy agenda are PFC CSKA Moskva, who travel to Andalusia for their first knockout round decider having been held 1-1 at home. The 29-year-old missed that game through injury but, in this Q&A with readers, he is cautiously optimistic that he, his club and his country will all have plenty to celebrate come the summer.

What were your thoughts on the first leg against CSKA? How good do you think they are?
Mikhail Kudelin

Luis Fabiano: I was not surprised with the result because CSKA already showed great potential for upsets when they held Manchester United in the group stage – they should have won that game. CSKA have some really fast players in midfield and attack and can be very dangerous in Moscow. Although we have the advantage of the away goal, they have nothing to lose and we're going to have to be careful.

What can we expect in the second leg?
John Dawson, Edmonton, Canada

Luis Fabiano: It should be a tight game like the first one, but this time we have a bit more responsibility to take the initiative. We cannot play in a conservative way in front of our supporters.

How far can Sevilla go in the Champions League?
Ricardo Barrett Torres

Luis Fabiano: In the last few seasons we've managed to surprise a lot of people in the Champions League. Although we are not full of star names, our squad is strong. I believe in this team but it is dangerous to think ahead too much. We need no negotiate every step, starting with the second match against CSKA.

What's your favourite goal you've scored?
Nima, Iran

Luis Fabiano: I'd like to pick two. The header I scored for Sevilla against Middlesbrough in the 2006 UEFA Cup final was pretty special for what that trophy represented for the club. I also have fond memories of the first of the two goals I scored for Brazil in last year's Confederations Cup. We were 2-0 down against the United States and that goal started an amazing comeback for us. It was also a nice goal, thanks to that turn to hit the ball with my left foot.

Which club do you enjoy watching the most?
Krishnan Iyer, Mumbai

Luis Fabiano: I know they are our rivals, but Barcelona are quite entertaining. They have a very beautiful style of passing football.

Many say that Brazil, Germany, Spain and England are the four favourites to win the World Cup. Do you agree?
CJ Marji, Jordan

Luis Fabiano: We have to be regarded as one of the favourites for our results in the last few years and for the respect people have for Brazilian football. It does not mean we are going to win it, because the World Cup depends on so many factors, but I feel a great amount of determination that the national team should do well in South Africa. The majority of players in this group have never won the World Cup, so they are hungry.

Do you think this Brazil squad is as good or better than the one that won the 2002 World Cup?
Luis Hernandez, Mexico City

Luis Fabiano: It is unfair to compare teams even in a relatively short period of time. The 2002 team had amazing individual players such as Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho, but people also seem to forget they struggled in the qualifiers. The current side might be short of star names but has played some amazing matches. We beat Argentina, Italy and Portugal convincingly in the last few months, for example.

Which game were you most pleased to score in?
Fábio Nogueira, Porto, Portugal.

Luis Fabiano: The Confederations Cup final. It meant a lot to me to win a trophy with Brazil after being written off by many people in my country – let's remember I was away from the squad for almost three years. And, as I said before, that match against the USA was special on its own.

Would you ever come to England? If so, which team would you like to play for?
Gary Smith, Hereford, England

Luis Fabiano: It's not that I'm unhappy at Sevilla, but at 29 I believe the time to play for a powerhouse is almost overdue. I almost came to the Premier League a couple of times, once for Chelsea under Scolari last season and once when Manchester City approached Sevilla at around the same time they signed Robinho. It didn't come through but I believe that the door is still open, not only in England. I do like the style of the Premier League, though – it's a quick and physical game.

What is more fun, playing for your club or your country?
Bilal Ashraf, USA

Luis Fabiano: Different feelings, but the same pleasure of being a footballer.

Who did you support as a kid and who did you most want to play for?
Csóka Bence, Hungary

Luis Fabiano: Ponte Preta, one of the teams from my hometown, Campinas. I started my career there and will always be grateful to the club.

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