Spain and Barça's Xavi answers your questions

Thousands of questions came in on Twitter for FC Barcelona's Xavi Hernández, who shares his views on the world's greatest ever player and reveals Spain's secret to success. gave users the chance to Tweet their questions for FC Barcelona's Spanish international Xavi Hernández and the response was remarkable: #AskXavi was trending No1 worldwide on Twitter as thousands of questions came pouring in.

Widely regarded as one of the best midfielders in Europe, Xavi answered users' questions, revealing who he thinks is the best player of all time, the reason behind Spain's success and what the future holds for club-mate Thiago Alcántara. Watch the video above to see the full question and answer session.

@LamonChatburn29: Who is the greatest player of all time in your opinion?

Xavi Hernández: That's very difficult because you're comparing one era with another, but if he continues like this then I think Leo Messi will be the best player in the history of football without a doubt. Everything advances and develops so fast now, and yet Messi is doing the same thing as [Diego] Maradona did 20 years ago and as Pelé, [Johan] Cruyff and [Alfredo] Di Stéfano did many years ago. I think Messi will be the best.

@effyschoice: What do you have to say to all those who compare Thiago with you? Is he the new Xavi?

Xavi: I would prefer that they didn't tell him that, so he is not under pressure – he should be himself. I have experienced comparisons and it is not a good thing. He needs to be who he is – he's a spectacular player and has great qualities to become a real star, as he is showing. He is an important player at Barcelona, playing a lot of games this year and he will certainly have a very bright future.

@jeheardy: Name one player and manager past or present that you wish you could have played alongside or with?

Xavi: I would like to have played with [Zinédine] Zidane or Ronaldo. I have been lucky enough to play for Barcelona and the national team so I have worked with many top players as well as great people and coaches who have taught me well. I would have liked to be trained by Cruyff to see how he worked, because I have heard so many great things. You always want to meet great stars and personalities in the world of football.

@patvszombies: Do you have a pre-match ritual or anything you do before a game for good luck?

Xavi: No, I'm not obsessive like that. I try to concentrate and visualise the match a bit. I imagine my opponents, who will play in my area of the pitch and how the match is going to develop, but I have no superstitions.

@Caarsie: What was the main factor in Spain's 2010 success?

Xavi: It was the specific philosophy of the team – wanting the ball, wanting possession, and we never lost that philosophy. Even after losing that first match [against Switzerland] where everybody thought we were in trouble, the coach stayed strong. That is key for Spain. The football we play and our technique, which is maybe what distinguishes us from the rest.

@Rumbish: Having won (almost) every trophy there is, what/who motivates you to continue playing brilliantly?

Xavi: A sportsman, and a footballer in this case, never gets tired of winning. All sportsmen want to continue winning and to be great. This is what sport is all about and that competitive edge makes you want to keep on winning.