Law looking forward to classic campaign

Former Manchester United FC striker Denis Law, part of the squad that won the 1968 European Champion Clubs' Cup, has been answering users' questions posed on Twitter.

Former Manchester United FC and Scotland striker Denis Law has been answering questions posted by users on our Twitter page @ChampionsLeague using #AskDenisLaw.

The 72-year-old, who scored 237 goals in 404 Manchester United appearances, was European Footballer of the Year in 1964 and part of the first English squad to lift the European Champion Clubs' Cup four years later (though he missed the final through injury). He tells about his favourite grounds, his verdict on the current United side and who he expects to be in contention to win the UEFA Champions League at Wembley next May.

@Ataqoz: When you were a player, which ground had the best atmosphere?

Denis Law: Probably one of the best was Real Madrid, in that wonderful stadium. But there were many through the years. It was new to us – we are travelling to Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, wherever. So it's a new thing altogether. All these stadiums where you have 100,000 or 80,000 people, it's always exciting.

@daveyhall123: You played with many other great players for Manchester United, including Bobby Charlton and George Best. Who would you like to line up alongside from the current Red Devils squad?

Law: Definitely [Wayne] Rooney would come into that bracket. I have said all along, if he stays away from injury – which is very difficult because that's a position where you're going to get several injuries because everybody is trying to stop you scoring – he will go on to beat all the records of all the goalscorers.

@StevenDoddsAFC: Chelsea FC are bidding to become the first club to retain the trophy in the UEFA Champions League era. Can they do it?

Law: They are up there. They have a good team. Losing [Didier] Drogba will reduce the power of the team, I am sure. The fact they've gone and won it – when United won it in '68, I always felt we could go on and win it again, and we didn't. So yes, they will be very confident, they've got that first win under their belt, so why not go on and do it again?

@aminedinar: Do you think one of the favourites will win the tournament this season?

Law: I think it will be one of the predicted ones. Like everything in football, you need a wee bit of luck, but there are about half a dozen teams and any of them could win it.

@LancscricketMEN: Which of your former teams do you think has the best chance of winning the UEFA Champions League this season, City or United?

Law: You're out of order there, you cannot be asking that question! I'm not answering it, anyway!